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what are the names,ages and breeds of your cats?

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I have a 3 1/2 year old calico cat named Patches
she's my baby
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I have a 1 year old Tortie Named Willow (obviously)
She just like a kid to me
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I have an 11 year old cat named Ashley. I am not sure on her breed.

She's all dark grey/silver fur, with darker grey tabby stripes. She's not short hair, but not truly long hair either. She has jade green eyes.


I'm thinking just Heinz57. =)
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Sammycat is a 2year old Manx and my "Babycat". Oscar is a 10 month old striped tabby and my "loverboy" he is so sweet.
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Opie, my red tabby and white SH is almsot 5.
Rowdy, my tortie SH, is 1 1/2.
Buddy, my tuxedo LH, is 15 mos.
Ike, our Dalmatian, will be 4 in December.
Pearl, our "brown dog", just turned 1.
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Zowie is a border collie mix of unsure age. We think she's around 8.
Simon is a 4 1/2 month old ragdoll.
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Sakura is a blue-mitted split face tortie Ragdoll, age 17 weeks...
and Li is a seal bicolor Ragdoll, age 21 weeks

they're my babies, and i love them to death!!
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My Fred is going to be 2 around Halloween. He came from the humane society. He is such a loving cat.
Amy lived next door and when her mom moved and couldn't take her Amy came to live with Fred. They had been good buddies for over a year Amy would come over to visit Fred and they played all the time.
Amy is a calico cat and is 1 year older then Fred. Fred is tabby but has lots of colors and his coat is changing for winter. He is getting a big scruff of white below his chin like a maine coon and he has a black stripe down his back. The edges of his hair are golden in color and he is beautiful when he sits in the sun.
Amy is short haired and I am trying to get her used to being combed and brushed so she won't shed.
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Felicia is a DSH torbie, 14years old.

Beau is a sable Burmese, 11 years old.
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I have a 16-17 year old black and white cat called Lucky. He's a lovely affectionate cat who came to us from a cat rescue 13 years ago.
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Peaches and Cream (also lovingly known as Princess) is a shaded cream Persian. She is about 5 years old and came from the Salt Lake Humane Society.

Henrietta is a solid cream Persian and she came from the Arizona Persian & Himmalayian Rescue. I was told she is 5 years old too but I believe she is much younger. She is very small and hyper/playful.

Carmella is a calico Persian and she also came from the Arizona Persian & Himmie rescue. She is 5 years old.

Can you tell I have a thing for Persian's? I wouldn't mind having a ragdoll and a bengal too someday!
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Felixia (Felicia) is 14+? years old (adopted full-grown in 1991 when abandoned by neighbors who moved away w/o her) and is a Tuxedo (black & white) Domestic Shorthair (DSH = your basic short-haired alley cat type )

Sylvestra is 9 years old and a Tuxedo DSH

Mr. Underfoot (Sylvestra's bro) is 9 years old and a Tuxedo DSH

Oreo is 7-8 years old and a Tuxedo DSH

Tiger Lily is about 7 or 8 years old and is a feral brown tabby & white DSH

We also have a little puffy grey 9-week-old foster kitten we're trying to find a home for. We're calling him Ivan for now b/c he's blue and a Russian name seemed fitting.
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Oh my, here is the list:

Midnight, 11 yr old black DSH
Sunshine, 6 yr old orange and white tabby DSH
Coal, 12 yr old Russian Blue mix
Lilith, 3 yr old tortoiseshell DSH
Jules, 2 yr old orange tabby DSH
Blondie, 2 yr old buff tabby DSH
Polly, 2 yr old grey polydactyl DSH
Pan, 2 yr old brown tabby DSH
Silver, 2 yr old silver tabby DSH
Max, 2 yr old dilute tortoiseshell DSH
Romeo, 3 yr old black DMH
Sasha, 6 yr old Dark Seal Point Ragdoll
Tillie, 10 yr old orange DLH/possible doll faced Persian mix
Khepera, 5 yr old ruddy Abyssinian
Phoenix, 1 yr old brown tabby and white DSH
Osiris, 8.5 week old brown tabby DSH

Jules, Blondie, Polly, Pan, Silver and Max are Lil's kittens.
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ok i've recently added to my collection recently, i'll start with the oldest;
Grace is a blue-cream colourpoint persian, she's coming up to 3 now
Alfie is a smoke persian, he's a show neuter and is 7 months old.
Rosie is a tortie persian, she's Alfies litter sister.
Echo is a copper eyed white persian (yes i did get one in the end) and she's just 14 weeks old
And last but definately not least Tiao, my newest addition, is just 6 weeks old, so i have to wait a while till i can bring him home. He is the most stunning persian ever, a chocolate tabby.
Will post pics of him soon
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Fred is a DSH, 15 years old. He was a yellow tabby, but is faded with age. Now he is just a funny yellow color with white around his chin like an old man's beard.
Pearl is a DSH, 3 years old. She is all white with golden brown eyes.
Georgia is a DSH, 2 years old. She is a brown tabby with shots of grey, with big, beautiful green eyes. She is my naughty girl.
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I have Fluffy a 7 month old medium haired black cat (male)
Socks a 8 month old Tuxedo boy.
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Zoey is a year and a half - DSH gray (female)
Saki is 12 weeks - DSH gray (male)

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I have two kitties Corkscrew is a two year old neutered male. He's an orange tabby. Tibby is a year old spayed female, and I'm guessing she's some sort of siamese mix because she has colored points like a siamese, and she has medium length hair.
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I have 1 female cat

Patches cat is a 5 year old female with white patches on her paws and on her upper middle.... The rest of her is all black.

My roomates cat

Tiger is a 4 year old tuxedo female cat she is black and white.

Thats about it.
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Jamie (JC) is a 4-year-old tuxedo moggy (DSH).
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Originally posted by jcat
Jamie (JC) is a 4-year-old tuxedo moggy (DSH).
And a cute one at that!
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Snoopy - 18 years young-Blue Point Siamese (He's my soul kitty & I love him more than life itself,)

Shane - 6 year old Seal Point Siamese (He's my problem child-but I love him & he's THE ABSOLUTE smartest cat I've ever known)

Simba - 5 months old Bengal. (He's a playful little cutie & I just adore the little stinker!)

Strutter - 3 year old Pomeranian doggie. (He's just the SWEETEST little guy you'd ever want to meet & thank goodness-he's not a yapper!)
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I've got one tortie smoke devon rex female and she's three years old. The other cat is a two year old black domestic shorthair, also a female.
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The oldest first:

Cisco a Wheaton Terrier crossed with a Miniture Shnauzer....8 years old
Legolas a Gray DSH Tabby with white stripes....6 months old
Aragorn a Brown DSH Tabby with attitude.....6 months old

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I've got 3 furrkids.
No particular breeds, your basic moggie.
All around 1.5 years old.
Names are Mozart, Kayla, and Ginza.
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I have one cat named Snowball who just turned 12 years old this month. He is a DSH and he's also part Siamese. He has beautiful blue eyes, and I think his coloring would be considered flamepoint.
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Oh my, here's my list:

Shep - 14-17? yr grey with white mitts (strayed up to my house 11 years ago)
Bogart - 12-1/2 yr grey (looks russian blue)
Stumpy - 8 yr red tabby (half a tail)
Tigger - 7 yr brown tabby with white mitts
Eight-Ball - 7 yr tuxedo
Bob Marley - 5 yr red tabby with white mitts
Pinky - 3 yr red tabby
Ruby - 3 yr red tabby
Scarlett - 2 yr red tabby (orphan rescue)
Muddy Waters - 5-1/2 month black (orphan rescue)
Koko Taylor - 5-1/2 month black (orphan rescue)
Dakota - 5 month silver tabby
Sage - 5 month silver tabby

Litter mate pairs: Tigger & Eight-ball, Pinky & Ruby, Muddy & Koko, Dakota & Sage.

All but Shep, Bogart, Dakota and Sage are feral rescues.
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Peedoodle is a long haired russian blue looking cat, he is about 4 years old.
Kahu is a domestic long haired, white with blue eyes (he is deaf) and he is 13 months old.
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we wanna adopt another kitty for patches to play with,
since precious died she misses the companionship even
though she's closer to us - i think that she would love
to have another kitty in the house
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Umm, Sockiebelle is almost ten, and I have no idea what breed she is?

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