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Royal Canin Outdoors. Right now I am testing their newest blends for an upcoming review. Maine Coon 31- Siamese 38 and Persian 30. Not having any of those breeds, I am testing them on my ferals and so far am pleasantly surprised with the results. One feral who routinely has been skinny since showing up here, even after repeated vet visits to make sure he is okay, is finally getting some much needed fat in his frame just in time for the upcoming winter cold. He has been fed only Maine Coon 31.
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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul and a small amount of canned Friskies at night and for the kittens Royal Canin Kitten with Authority Kitten canned at night. I'm switching the kittens to the Kitten formula Chicken Soup when it comes out in a couple of weeks. The distributor said it will be available by Oct. 15th.
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WOW MA I did not know that they had : Maine Coon 31 ,Siamese 38 and Persian 30 ... is that something what you got only to test for your cats ? ..... or is this also on the marked allready ???
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Life's Abundance Dry and Science Diet Wet ( he only easts the sauce)
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It is their newest blends and they are available now.
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I got a free sample of Whiskas dry cat food and patches
turned her nose LOL she's hooked on Science Diet
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Thank you MA
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The three inside cats, 1 adult 2 kittens eat dry Nutro natual complete and dry Nurtro for kittens. The 2 outside cats get the dry Nutro natural complete in the morning and can Friskies at night.
Nurto natural complete does work when it states it controls hair loss. We have one long hair cat and since changing to the Nurto complete about 5 months ago, his hair is not coming out, there are no wild hair wods around the house . It does work. And the outside cat Blackie had a skin/hair problem and now his fur is beautiful. A vet tech saw blackie a few weeks ago and she could not believe the difference. She said he looks like he has found a good home . He was a feral cat in bad shape.
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I use maximum nutrition kitten for both my mama and baby. I have fed special kitty (walmart) canned but not recently. The Maximum Nutrition is similar to Purina One in nutrition and ingredients but is a lot cheaper.

I have asked about feeding dry vs canned in another thread.
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I just began feeding my cats Wellness. I noticed that no one who replied in this thread feeds their cats that brand.

Miss Kitty does not like it, but will eat it if I don't put out anything else. And Spike seems like he's starting to enjoy it.

Anyone else ever try this food????? Any opinions or stories?
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Originally posted by Meghan 614
I just began feeding my cats Wellness. I noticed that no one who replied in this thread feeds their cats that brand.............
Anyone else ever try this food????? Any opinions or stories?
I think many people are just not familiar with the brand. It is only sold in smaller pet food stores but is not available at the larger chains (ie: Petsmart/Petco/Petcetera etc.) Wellness doesn't do a lot of advertising to the general public. Unless you go out of your way to read about various cat foods, many people wouldn't be familiar with the product.

I have used Wellness since I brought Nakita home. Her breeder uses it and I continue to use it. It's a very good food in my opinion, along with Innova, Wysong, etc.

Wellness contains no animal by-products or rendered animal fats, preservatives, fillers, artificial colours. Also, this food has no wheat, corn, soy, or dairy products that can cause an allergic reaction in some pets.

Each cat will be different. So you have to find a balance with the price your willing to pay for the food, how your cat will react, and if it is available in your area.

Here are various quotes from news sources on their experiences with Wellness, Articles/Quotes Regarding Wellness Food
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I've never tried the dry Wellness but I have used the cans quite frequently...which mine love.
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I just recently switched Velvet from Science Diet to Royal Canin indoor formula. From what I had been reading the ingredients are a little better in Royal Canin. So far so good, I was concerned she wouldn't even eat it as she had eaten SD all her life prior to this.
She always tends to leave just a few broken-up chunks of food in her dish. I was rather hoping that a change in food might take care of this. No such luck.
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My girls eat Nutro natural choice and Nutro/max cat lite mixed. Also for treats once in a while we give them Nutro canned.
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I just started feeding them Purina One urinary tract health formula, but they don't like it toomuch. I'm looking for a good alternative
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I feed my kitties Wellness and Wellness Lite dry food. The overweight one, Bailey, didn't seem overly impressed with the Lite formula, so I started mixing a tiny bit of the regular in with the Lite, and she looooooves it. When we first got the other cat, Nucchi, he was being fed Meow Mix by his previous owner and had very dull fur and major dandruff. Now he has nice shiny fur and no dry skin. Both of them are way more energetic with Wellness too, so I'm very happy with it. It's expensive, but worth it.
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Cool! I'm glad others have good things to say about it.

JennyJen--you are right, it is a bit expensive, but personally, i'd rather sacrifice what I buy for myself to give the best I can to my cats! Even if it means i eat Ramen for a few days
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Call me crazy, but that Maximum Nutrition stuff seems like it's too good to be true. I paid like 7 bucks for an 8 pound bag (it's for the ferals). The ingredients look awesome. I wonder what's the difference between it and the other "premium" foods? I have my cat on Solid Gold and Natural Balance, and I previously fed Innova. I know that those brands had a little extra sumthin' sumthin', like cranberries, potatoes, duck, menan-something fish, and other goodies. I don't know how much a difference some of those things make in overall cat health.
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I feed Nutro Natural Choice, adult formula to my babies. I recently got a free sample of Royal Canin and they didn't like it.
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Doesn't anybody else's cat demand variety all the time? JC won't eat the same food more than twice a week. I was concerned about it, but the vets said if it didn't bother him, i.e. his digestive system, which is just fine, I might as well go along with it, since there was less chance of any nutritional deficiencies that way. He also will only eat one particular brand for about 3 months, before taking "time out" for about six months. He gets dry in the morning, and canned (c. 3 ounces) in the evening. He's currently eating: Felidae, Solid Gold and Nutro Max Cat dry, and Innova, Solid Gold, Almo nature (organic Italian brand) and Miamor Feine Filets (German brand, with meat only). This is per week, mind you. I have three kitchen cabinets stocked with cat food, because I buy canned food in bulk to save money, and always have three opened bags of dry food in canisters. If it can be bought in a supermarket, he won't eat it, and canned food must be in little cans ( 2 - 4 ounces ), not pouches, aluminium dishes, or large cans. A guy who works for a major "premium" pet food company told me preference for little cans wasn't just a "foible" - the food is heated after canning, and the smaller the can, the less heat and the shorter the heating period, so the food actually is tastier. He also believed that food in cans stayed fresher than that in pouches or dishes.
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I feed my kitties Natural Balance dry and a variety of wet foods. The outdoor kitties get Purina One and a variety of wet food!
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I feed my cats Nutro Salmon or regular cat food and Nutro can food. They are the only few brands of cat food I have found that doesn't include meat by products.
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All of my cats, except Amber who is a Bob cat, are fed Eukanuba. I like the ingrediants in Eukanuba. Amber is fed an all raw meat dieat.
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Amber is adorable...what a sweetie she is
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just bumping
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The kittens eat Iams Kitten
the cats eat Iams regular, with hairball control, and cavity fighting protection.. or whatever that stuff is. Although they all end up eating the same thing anyways..
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I got a coupon in the mail for a free bag of Iams cat food
maybe i'll get it to see if patches will like it
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Shadowrose I feed my cats Nutro Salmon or regular cat food and Nutro can food. They are the only few brands of cat food I have found that doesn't include meat by products

I 2nd that one
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I used my coupon for the Iams and patches just loves it!!!!
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My cat likes Whiskas canned a lot. I mix it with Special Kerr dry food for neutered cats and he really has a happy meal! Now and then he gets some cooked fish or chicken.
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