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what kind of food do you feed your cat?

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Patches is on Science Diet and she really loves it
we also give her tartar control pounce snacks
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Mine are on Nutro Natural Choice.
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i feed mine innova, and purina one
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We've just finished switching Simon from Life's Abundunce to Science Diet Kitten formula. He also gets a dose of pumpkin a couple of times a week and Pounce treats as we're training him.

He really didn't care for the LA and was too thin.
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My cat Lucky loves Science Diet - he's been eating it for over 13 years and still gets excited when I put more down for him He has very little interest in anything else.

My other cat Toby who sadly died a few weeks ago, wouldn't eat Science Diet if it was the last thing on earth Toby loved "people food" - fish, chicken and turkey. We also gave him canned cat food but had to rotate the flavors regularly as he got bored ! Once we caught Toby on top of the stove eating Marinaro sauce out of a pan that was cooling

Lucky though -- straight talking cat. Loves his pellets !
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my two babies are fed Nutro Natural Choice: kitten formula
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My cats get IAMS hairball formula, dry. And a couple of times a week Princess Peaches gets canned IAMS with a little pumpkin in it. The other two won't eat canned food. Strange kitties!
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Science Diet Maintenance and Kitten formula here for my indoor babies. My geriatric gets Science Diet A/D because she has trouble chewing a lot of the time (in spite of the monthly vet visits to help her oral problems). My ferals get Purina Cat Chow (OK, it's cheaper, we go thru a lot of it, and they actually won't eat the generic brands).
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Mine get Nutro Max dry, supplemented by chicken whenever we eat it (in other words, they beg and get some...)
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Nutro wet, and Chicken Soup dry.
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I only feed Nuto Max , Nutro Hairball , Nutro Complete and Nutro Salmon try food all mixed together . I also feed them Nutro can food in differend flavor to my cats cats .
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Science diet, kitten food dry.
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Science Diet original kitten dry and Purina dry for kittens (I mix them, but they seem to prefer Science diet kibbles, so I put in more Science diet), Science diet canned kitten and adult, Max Cat kitten canned and Nutro adult, Authority kitten canned and turkey/rice adult, and Iams kitten canned. Kitten brand cans don't have much variety, so I buy some of the adult cans.
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I feed my cats Royal Canin Indoor.
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Royal Canin in the morning and canned Innova at night.
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she won't eat store bought food - she's gotta have
her science diet
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Hills' presciption diet c/d dry for all 14 cats. 3 cats also get science diet oral care and 2 also get prescription w/d each of these are mixed with the c/d.
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Royal Canin Persian and Kitten mixed with some IAMS Kitted added to it. We feed canned Friskies morning and evening.
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My six currently eat Innova Lite dry and canned.
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I used to feed Iams but i recently switched to Nutro Natural. i want to try Solid Gold though. i also supplement with a quarter of a 3oz can of moist food daily.
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Avocat for most of the crew, Hills Z/D to two - one with IBD, and currently we are trying both the Hills Z/D and canned IVD duck with green peas for Patrick who we are treating as if he has IBD as well as his crf. For Chris...my kitty just found to be gravely ill (awaiting test results, probably heart failure)...any dang thing he wants.

What a week
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Bless your heart Pat&Alix ((((HUGS))))
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once in a while i'll give her canned food for a treat
but she prefers her pounce treats
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Argh.. My kittens won't eat canned Friskies anymore and after I brought them home from the shelter, they loved Friskies! It's pricey kitten food for now.
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Awww they are pretty

yep patches is spoiled rotton
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I feed Nutro Natural choice, I am now even a demonstrator for the brand because I beleive in it so highly, also Max cat, which is made by Nutro. And they just came out with a new line.....all natural healthy cat treats with no perservatives! yay! Sometimes I will buy a can of Avoderm because they like it, it is a good quality food, and good for the skin{of course so is Nutro}.
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It's so easy to spoil kittens! I leave some inexpensive Friskies canned food that the kittens aren't eating out on the porch. While opening a can tonight, Lucy jumped on the counter and started lapping up all of the gravy, then Cindy cued in, too. But they left all of the turkey cubes! Buying them Friskies food is a waste if they'll only lap up the sauce. I stocked up on lots of chicken/rice cans of Authority kitten brand, only to find that both kitties tired of it and don't eat much of it anymore. They seem to really like Max Cat Nutro cans and Hills canned, but not Hills kitten, that is only available in chicken/liver. They really like the Max Cat kitten chicken/liver brand.

Is Royal Canin a good brand to buy and how does it compare with Max Cat and Nutro? Luckily, my Mom gave me a coupon for a free bag of Natural Choice dry (Nutro) with no preservatives. If the kittens don't like it, I can always leave some out on the porch.
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My cats (two kittens and their mom) get Pet Guard, either chicken w/wheat germ or beef w/wheat germ. For a while I was giving the kittens Nutro Max Kitten as well, but now they're on the regular stuff and thriving. It's excellent food. Pricey, but I'm really intent on giving the "Gang of Three" the best food I can afford.

LOL, then again, my previous cat Choie ate cheap stuff such as Nine Lives and Friskies -- and mostly insisting on the dreaded tuna flavor at that! (Tuna & Egg was her favorite.) And yet she lived a very healthy, very long life. (She was about 19/20ish when she died.) Go figure!
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My fat Katy has been swapped from Hills Science diet r/d from the vet to Royal Canin Obesity.The Hills stuff wasnt workin the old weight loss dept) She does not really like it much but where food is concerned 'any port in a storm' for Kate. as they all steal each others dinner the others are on it too with extra helpings. there is so much variety and choices - I'm not always sure if there is any difference in content only price! dont feed wet canned food anymore due to dirty bowls and flies (my lot are a eat a bit now leave a bit for later type of eaters - bar Kate.)
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My guys eat purina one kitten for the kittens, and purina one hairball for the big guys. They also get authority canned kitten food, nutro max hairball control canned food, and sophista cat (petsmart brand) canned food for a treat once in awhile. I'm really happy with purina one but I might switch them to something else because there poos are so smelly!
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