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Mary Ann, The cat book has landed safely in Florida!

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It just got here today! I've read a little bit of it to Socrates and Tiger and they seem to agree so far. The picture of your babies are so beautiful! I just love it when cats all ball up together and sleep! It's so darn cute. And Tums looks exactly like Socrates! But, everyone will see that because when I send it out to Joe I'm going to stick a pic of the boys in there. By the time Anne gets it she'll ahve so many cat pictures she won't know what to do!

Thanks a bunch! I guess I'll have to wait until Joe gets back to get his address and ship it. I plan on reading it in one sitting sometime tomorrow.

Here's another interesting thought: I'd like to see everyone guess a date when the book will reach Anne in Israel? My guess is is Feb 20, 2002. Thats if each of us have it 1 week each + a bit of padding for shipping.
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Can't wait for my turn at that book!
As for a time frame??????????
I say by 12/13/01.
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Me I can't wait to get it either!!!!
As for the guess I'd say the beginning of next year??? Well who knows...
Am I the last to get it before Anne???
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Probably would be a good idea to rubberband the book together to hold the photos. Thanks for letting me know about it, I was wondering where in the world it was! LOL The post office did tell me they are having problems routing priority through Phoenix, so that was probably the hang-up....Enjoy it, I know I did!
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Good God, where am I on this mailing list? Will the internet even still be in use by then? Do I have to include a forwarding address to my nursing home?

Chuck, the pool idea is a good one. Maybe we should do a baby pool for Anne, too. That one will at least conclude sooner.
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Looking forward to the book, I don't have long to wait, I'm after Mr.Cat, and he lives 2 or 3 miles from me! :laughing2:
Maybe I'll just walk over and get it?

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You can do the baby pool together with the book Seems like most of you are guessing around the same date The baby is due somewhere in the end of January-beginning of February.

This is so exciting - the book I mean. Well, the baby is also exciting... But I am really touched by the book! I can't wait to see it! You guys are great!
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That you'll have to get a photo album to stick all the kitty pics you'll have by the time this gets to you?

Your such an awsome gal!!!!!
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Am I on the list? I hope so...if not....add me! I can't wait to get the book!
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Near the end. It really is a cute book. I almost wish that I could have been one of the last to get it so that I could see all the kitty pics added (I put one in of the boys with the one of Mary Annes babies).

As soon as Joe gets back, I'll get his address and mail it out. I don't think he'll be back until about the 20th.
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I cant wait to get the book - it is just awesome that this is going on Debby you will get eh book after me I will make sure that I read it fast and get it in the mail to you as soon as I am done

I have also taken some adorable photos of my babies which I will enclose when I get it...

I think Anne will get it by the end of Feb
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Meowman (ME!), Mr.Cat, Alexnell, Blue, Sandie, Debra M, Air Princess, Billie, Michelerad, Deb25, Elinor, Illusion, Jeano369, TLK, Ttapestry, Nena110, Debbie A, Jugen, Amanda, Debby, Suzerg98(?) and then it's off to Anne!
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Hey guys I still think it would be better if I get the book last or if not last then before Amanda because there's little point in me reading it and sending it back to the States from where you'll have to send it to Israel, which is much closer to me and Amanda.
What do you think????
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I think that makes a lot of sense. when I saw the list order, I thought would be better to keep it in the states, and then send it overseas instead of back & forth.
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Amanda will not be able to send the book to Anne without getting in a bunch of trouble if she is caught. So please leave the order the way it is listed in the book. There was a reason for it. Thanks!
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well what about saving all the overseas people for after it's done in the states?

surely there are more people overseas than Billie. wouldn't it cut down on the actual mail time?

also Sandie, Donna, MicheleRad & Rene are all within like 40 miles of each other, & they actually see each other more than once a week, so maybe it would make sense for them to sign it at one time? or mail it to each other since they are all local.

sorry if it seems like I am butting in, I was just trying to figure out what is easiest
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Airprincess I agree - Israel is not too far from Bulgaria and I wouldn't have any troubles sending a prcel to Israel.
Well, I'm willing to do it anyway and it's no problem sending it back to the States, I just thought it would be easier.
Love you!
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maybe you should be last on the list since you are so close to Isreal. Is Amanda allowed to mail stuff to Bulgaria? since she can't mail the book to Isreal, maybe she could send it to you & you could send it to Anne. I don't know anything about the laws where she is. Maybe she is only allowed to mail stuff to the USA.

just my thoughts

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I seem to be missing from the list...I was told I was to get the book after Mr.Cat, since we live less than 5 miles apart?

Heck, I promise I'll read it in 1 day, I'll even walk over to his place and get it!:laughing2: (if he doesn't mind)

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Just to let everyone know.....the reason I cannot send stuff to Israel is because of the troubles, and the fact of the non treaties...........I mean gosh we do not even have a dial code from here to there....

Anyways I have no problem with sending a package overseas.....I can send mail anywhere else, I could even send to Israel but I would have to send it to someone in another country to get it there......

I just want everyone to know I can send it abroad without any worries
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Does that settle things the??
Amanda, sweetie, so Bulgaria's OK then - we're not that far away from each other
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I added your name to the list right after Mr. Cat's, so your set.

Actually, I've got an even better idea since you and he live only a few miles apart: Email me w/ your address amd I'll put it in the mail to you and then you can get it to him. Hows that?
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I haven't seen any updates on "the book" lately.
Where or where is it now?
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good question! I was just wondering about this myself.

It seems to be Meowman had it last & was sending it to Cleo.
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How can I be put on the list??? I'd love to see this book too

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now I am confused. where am I again? and who am I sending it to?
Oh my goodness I can't wait! I am taking pics of my babies now and want just the right shot to put in the book!
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I wouldn't sweat it. Given the speed at which this book is moving through the list, you have time to paint a portrait of your cat on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel with a Q-Tip.
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Barb, I know there are two or three of us Iowans on the list... So hopefully we can send it around Iowa, before it goes to another state!
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BUT........... who has the book now?
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I think it's Cleo, but I'm not for sure. last I remember Meowman was mailing it to her, so either he still has it, or he has sent it on.

Neither one of them has been on very much lately, but I'm sure when they resurface they will let us know.
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