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Change in food = change in poop color?

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Hey everyone! I have been silently lurking on these forums for a while now, gathering information and reading up on different things but now I have a question!


I currently have 4 kitties who all seem to be in great health, are up to date on their shots etc.  They used to all be fed Purina One Chicken & Rice dry food, but after all of the reading I've done on these forums I decided to switch their food. I made the switch slowly over a few weeks and now they get about half dry food (Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken) and half wet (Evo 95% Canned in different flavor varieties). Like I said, they have been on this new diet for about a month now and they seem to enjoy it and haven't been having any digestive issues (No puking, no diarrhea) and if anything they seem to be more energetic now, so I don't have any reason to believe they are feeling sick.  Their poop however, has completely changed color. It is now more of a tan, very light brown color, as opposed to the darker brown color it used to be.  I thought maybe they were just adjusting to the new food, but now I am concerned that this may be an issue? It is very solid and dry, not runny or anything like that. And all of them have the same color poop because that is all that I see in the box.


Has anyone experienced this before? I tend to overreact when it comes to my kitties, so maybe it isn't a big deal... I just wanted your opinions :)


Thank you!

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Answer to your title = yes. LOL.

Hi, and welcome out of lurkdom wavey.gif


Last year l swiched my cats from mostly kibble, to completely canned, to part-raw/part-canned, to 100% raw. l saw all the colours of the rainbow with their food switches - even between different canned brands their poop appearance (and smell) changed.

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Welcome to The Cat Site. 

And good for you for feeding them more wet food.

A change in color, smell and sometimes consistency of poop is common with a change in diet.

As long as the poop isn't too loose or smelly (as in:  clear-the-room smelly), I wouldn't worry about it.

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Thanks for the quick responses! I guess I can relax then :)

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