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Unfriendly kitty update & new weird behavior

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Okay, first, my kitty has become quite a bit friendlier in recent weeks since I posted that she didn't seem to like me much. I followed the advice and let her come to me and have even received a few head butts lately! She seems to be coming around.

Now the weird part. She likes to spread her food around the house. If she wants me to give her her dinner and there's still a little food leftover in it from the morning, she'll pick each piece out and leave them in the hallway, living room, all over the kitchen floor. It's never more than 3 or 4 morsels that I find, but it gets annoying. Should I take the food dish away when she does this? I don't feed canned food at all, only the Nutro dry, so it's certainly not stale and yucky. This just started in the last couple of weeks and it needs to be stopped if at all possible because my hubby is getting a little grumpy about stepping on cat food. Not to mention this time of year in the boonies, the mice are trying to move in and I certainly don't want to encourage them with free food. Maybe she's trying to bait them? It wouldn't surprise me at all.
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I would only leave the food down for about 30 minutes and then put it away. This will teach her to eat her fill and will eliminate the mess as it won't be left to scatter.

Make sure to feed at least twice a day.
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Just be sure to sweep your floors. She is leaving food to find later, a reaction of a kitty that is not used to having much food. Feed her at the same time every day, in the same place in the same bowl. Get her used to the routine and she will stop storing her food away. Tell you husband to wear his slippers and not sweat the small stuff.
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To my husband everything is small stuff!

At least your kitty puts it in a place where you can find it. Amber used to love to play with her food on the kitchen floor. Well, one day I wake up and go downstairs to find a trail of ants in my kitchen. Her kibbles were ending up under the fridge, under the stove, under tables. We had to clean up everything and move her dish to a carpeted area of the living room.

We actually had to battle the ants for a while because they were getting in through cracks in the baseboards. Where once they find food...
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i had the same problem with ants, but in my bathroom!! it seems like no matter where i spray for them, they've found somewhere else to come in and they LOVE kitten kibble! it's really aggrevating, you know?

i would just make sure to pick up the kibble as the day goes on and i'm sure she'll stop this behavior once she realizes that you aren't going to starve her to death.
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I'd rather fight with ants than mice any day of the week. If the stupid things aren't scurrying around in the walls and driving the cat nuts, they're up in the attic driving me nuts all night long with their little parties. Oh well, at least it's not rats (shudder).
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