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my dear meow meow....

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I had a really exhausting day yesterday and I hit the bed almost immediately last night.. this morning I was abruptly awaken by a pathetic but loud meow....it went like this: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shook me out of bed and i went to the source of the sound to see a poor little fat cat dangling off the window grille...oh boy.... that girl had apparently tried to climb the grille and on her way down, her leg was trapped by the grille and she couldn't get down *ouch*

had to get a ladder and calm her down before removing her leg slowly from the grille... checked her leg and she was ok..other than losing few tuffs of fur, she's perfectly fine...

man, i wish i could hit the bed again but i need to get back to work soon....
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glad to hear shes okay, poor baby, did you kiss it and make it all better
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sure did... man, she's such a handful...
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Oh my! I'm so glad your baby is ok! Thank God you were home.
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I am so glad that you was home to help a little lady in distress. Glad to hear that she only had a few hairs missing and a lot of her diginity but I know that she will get over it.
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i sure do hope so... she's got a whole lot of dignity there.. she hates it when ppl see her in weird situations.. i bet she would wish to hide her head in a lunch bag now...
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its a good thing she didnt start to crazy when you tried to help her. I hear cat bites can be nasty.
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well, she missed my hand by an inch... i was lucky to have moved my hand away...phew!
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oh my goodness Kate! Poor Meow Meow! At least her mommy was there to rescue her. I'm so glad she's OK.
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