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moving the kittens

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My cat has moved her kittens out of their box to under my bed.  I guess that's fine, except that my male cat (neutered) regularly sleeps under my bed.  Is this going to be a problem?  Is there anything I can do to convince her to move them some place else?

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Nay, it is almost impossible to master mom in such situations.  Only if you make the access to under the bed impossible, and give her useful alternatives...


Try with useful alternatives anyway.  Make sure her overall situation feels comfortable and safe.


Isnt she disturbed by this male resident??

I mean, sometimes they are good friend so the mom doesnt mind, but very often mom does mind - and moms will and needs must go first.


Good luck!

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Now she's taken over my bed.  It's very cute, but I don't know about sleeping with 7 cats, worrying I'll roll over onto one of the kittens...

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I give up - she keeps moving the kittens all over the place.  Usually they're under the bed, but you never know.  Got to keep my eyes open when I'm walking around, because I almost stepped on one of them today...

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Sounds like she's trying to find the best place, but with your scent on it or near it maybe. Try placing one of your worn (meaning dirty) shirts in the box. Are they confined away from your male? She may be moving them a lot cause his scent is causing her concern, or there is too much activity around them. New mom's and their kittens should have a quiet place of their own, small room or small bathroom, sometimes a closet will work. If she continues to move them, all you can do is what you are already doing. Keeping an eye on where they are.

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