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Secret Spell Barbie?  

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OK, I know we have a wide array of religion and spiritual beliefs here, from conservative Christian to Pagan to Muslim and everything in between.

I was watching Cartoon Network today, and here comes this commercial for a new Barbie....Secret Spells Barbie.

"By day Barbie, Kayla and Christie are school girls, but at night they put on their Charm Girls jackets and go to a secret place and cast secret spells with secret potions." (Paraphrased)

Here's a link to the Kayla doll: http://www.kbtoys.com/genProduct.htm...tid=17&ls=toys (KB Toys)

They aren't released yet to the stores. They come with spell book and potions (cool aid, basically) and a plastic pet friend.

Any comments??
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That is interesting. I wouldn't be worried unless they were promoting black magic or bad magic or whatever it is called (I am sorry, I don't know much about it. )
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what the heck is that about?! capitalizing on Harry Potter, i'd presume....who'da thunk it?!!! LOL...i'm going to hate to see the uproar it will cause though.
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I'd say they are capitalizing on the TV show Charmed, more than Harry Potter.
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LOL I was just commenting earlier today that I wanted to be Barbie cause she has everything. Now she's even got magical powers? Not fair.

Seriously, it's a marketing ploy. I'd buy them while you can collectors...I think she's gonna go the way of pregnant Barbie and that Ken with the earring. Too many people will fuss about it, and Mattel will yank her.

Do I have a problem with it personally? No more than I have with any Barbie product. I'm not a Barbie fan at all, so of course my girls love her to death and I've got about 50 "nekkid" dolls hanging around.

On a side note, FYI for those of you without alot of exposure to Barbie out of the box...she comes wiht painted on undies now. I just thought it was kind of odd the first time my girls came up to me with a half naked doll.
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originally posted by kidsncats
...and I've got about 50 "nekkid" dolls hanging around.
LOL that is a word we use too: 'nekkid'. we dont have kids but my SIL gets those collectible barbies for her daughter that come all packaged ready to do nothing but sit on a shelf.

I agree these barbies wont last long. I mean come on, the chihuahua dog from Taco Bell got pulled just for speaking with an accent! sheesh.
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LOL, I'm afraid I'm not much on collectables for kids. My kids were even allowed to play with the beanie babies they were given, and this was when they were at their height! I've nothing against people who collect for their kids, I just don't.
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I am a collector, no kids I just collect for me. I'm planning on buying them as soon as possible! Considering they pulled one Barbie because some groups found the fake tattoo she had objectionable, these won't last long on the shelves.
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Toys are meant to be played with. I was never a Barbie fan and only owned one, in my life.

I have a large collection of stuffed animals and, when the twins are older, they are more than welcome to play with them.

I think that some people have put WAY too much importance on the impact of Barbies. They are TOYS. Years ago, Rev. Donald Wildmon condemned Barbie for "giving little girls an unrealistic ideal of feminine beauty." Of course they're unrealistic - they are TOYS. I am sure that kids can differentiate between a doll and a real, live woman.
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I saw these in Target last week. They are very Harry Potter-esque. I may just have to get them and add them to my collection...I collect Barbies.
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I bought one today at Target! I too figure they aren't going to be around forever.
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TO be quite honest, I thought it was absolutely hilarious! I want one! Haha

Talking about collections, after I moved out the first time, my Mother went crazy. She spent about $2000 on Beanie Babies in 1 weekend (in 1999) and she's been buying them ever since. She has them over EVERYTHING. The desk, the couch, the entertainment center, in 4 file containers, 2 shelves, back of my Dad's chair, on her bed, on her dresser, in both bathrooms...

She's even tried to give them to me as presents. Told her straight out that I don't like them. They're stupid and too pricey for a stupid bean toy. So... I have a box full of "presents".

People go overboard. I can't say that collection of toys are stupid, as I collect Tazs.
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I collect barbies.. not all of them and not as a serious collection, but I have quite a few from over the years. I don't know if I will buy this.. I collect them more for asthetics, not for value or rarity.. But I might anyhow

I don't think there's anything wrong with the concept, but considering that they are marketed towards children, a lot of parents are probably going to be upset.. although these are probably the same parents whose kids are watched charmed anyway. lol. People just need something to fight against to feel important sometimes. I figure it this way.. if you don't think it's appropriate, don't get it.
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I went to the link, and they were SOLD OUT! How funny.

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I think it is cute and my hubby wants to get me one before they get pulled
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Makes me wish I still had my Barbies. I had them all, Barbie, Ken, Pepper, Midge, Allen, Scooter, Dodi we had the dreamhouse, the car, and so many wardrobe cases! I would buy this one and put it away, once the Christian Coalition gets going, it will be swept off the shelves along with the purple teletubby-
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Hmm, and just yesterday, I read an article on cnn.com about Muslim Barbie (not manufactured by Mattel).
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The Target by me has a load of all 3 Secret Spell dolls. They're real cute!
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Its just a ploy to get children involved in witchcraft at a very young age. I would not buy them for any children nor recomend them.

Is it any wonder that almost every TV show now days even cartoons have a witchcraft ub=nderlaying tone?, all this is done to desensitice people to witchcraft and its evils. And it has been successfull...just count the flames I'll get for posting my views!...lol
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I also would not buy that , I am a christian . But every body has his own believe and it is up to each person what they like or what they don't like . I am sure for colectors this is a great Barbie to buy .
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just count the flames I'll get for posting my views!...
I sure hope not. While I don't agree with you I sure don't see a need for anyone to flame your views.

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Originally posted by Shankar
Its just a ploy to get children involved in witchcraft at a very young age. I would not buy them for any children nor recomend them.

Is it any wonder that almost every TV show now days even cartoons have a witchcraft ub=nderlaying tone?, all this is done to desensitice people to witchcraft and its evils. And it has been successfull...just count the flames I'll get for posting my views!...lol
No, I certainly won't flame you, but I will tell you that REAL witches aren't evil. Trust me, I know. I AM one.

And these toys are more fantasy than anything. They've nothing to do with real witchcraft.
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I think a lot of people don't know a lot of witches and the truth about it and are scared . There are also some want to be witches out there and ruin the true one's IMO .
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Ditto what Sue said.

Real witchcraft (or paganism as the broader term, Wicca as one avenue of it) is a spiritual belief system, in the same manner as Christianity is a spiritual belief system. It isn't evil, just a different faith, if you will. Paganism is no more evil than Buddhism or Islam or Judaism, it just isn't Christianity.

This Barbie, and the cartoons and movies, are pure fantasy. Just the same as unicorns and dragons.
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No flames here but I grew up with my parents reading Grimms Fairy Tales, watched Wendy the good witch in cartoons and made my own choices when the time came as to what to believe and follow. People are going to drift to whatever interests them, and the toymakers, filmakers and media crowd which is highly influential will capitalize on this movement for one reason- money.
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There going to be a big hoopla over this with religious groups, and thats sad. If we majored on the majors and minored on the minors , maybe we'd be where we should be as a society.
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Im a christian women and i don't see anything wrong with that
doll - i think they're cute,my daughter wants one for christams.
ppl are making too much out of this,it's just a doll and it's
not like she can perform real spells
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MA I do fully agree with you . All they think of is the money .
BTW Grimm was my fav. fairy tails book . I still have one from Germany
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I LOVE the Brothers Grimm as well Hedi!
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It is a great book to read Kiwideaus
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