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Clyde and Princess

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My neighbor from across the street visited yesterday with her dog "Princess" (a small dachsund). Clyde and Princess got along just fine.

Well, Clyde would bat at Princess with a paw, and the dog ignored him. Next he jumped on her back, again, ho hum, total ignorance of Clyde.

The look on Clyde's face was priceless. It's like his jaw was hanging open in disbelief.

Well, next Princess decided to eat some of Clyde's food (again the look of disbelief). Then she came over, grabbed one of Clyde's mice, and tore both ears off. Again, Clyde was in total disbelief.

All this time, Devon and I were in total laughter at the situation.

When I get a camera (soon) you will see some pictures of this as we will stage it again just for fun. Actually, Clyde and the dog get along great, so I think Clyde has been around dog's before prior to my adoption of him.

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That sounds too funny! Can't wait for pics.
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i can almost imagine it in my own brain....and laughing away...hehehehhehe... i can't wait for the pics!!!
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