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kittyfoot & meme

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Doesn't anyone at all besides me, realize how much these two members of the catsite are SO much in love!!??!!
And they met becausee of a catsite!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations kittyfoot and meme!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LOVE you both!!!!!!!!!

(can we have an online wedding? )
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This is heartwarming news!!!
I'm so glad for you Kittyfoot and Meme!!! Love is a wonderful thing so enjoy it to its fullest!!!!!

And Debby thanks for opening my eyes for one more miracle!
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Are the bridesmaids dressing up in "blob" suits? and jumping up and down a lot?

And no, Debby, the Kittyfoot/Meme thing was not apparent to me.
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I want to wear the pink one!!!!
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Ok, but your nipples are showing......
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I'm hoping that I will be able to entice the male population Deb, then they will actually take the time to get to know me!
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You're just wearing your little implant things to get a reaction out of the whole of West Point this weekend.
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that hurt....
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I'll bet that's the last time you offer to fly me up in the cargo area of the plane! What goes around comes around.
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I want to wear the ugliest green : bridesmaid's dress with black lipstick and black nail polish!! I'll even wear my late mother's coveted push 'em up and squeeze 'em together bra and my F.M.P.'s. And...I want to catch the bouquet. At the rate I'm going I'll never get me a man. Inflatable version maybe, but REAL-NOT!!
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Oh yeah, I noticed it! Too cool!

I wasn't here to see it begin, but I'd love to see where its headed!

(no bride and groom smilie, this'll have to do) ----->

You can have the bouquet Donna, I want the garter, it matches my purple party dress!:kitty5:

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it wasn't right of my to offer to fly you to Maryland with the luggage. I deserved my black eye.

so no more

let's be friends again

because I need someone to help me wax my back, and Donna has to clean the house this weekend.
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Ok so you figured it out...... what can I say....lol

Didnt even notice this thread until just now as I was busy in the other thread and trying to cook supper both!!! Thanks for all the well wishs everyone. But there will be no wedding for awhile yet. Lots of things to work out first and that will take some time.

Kittyfoot and I met about 10mths ago on a cat site (sorry but not this one). It was friendship right away and very slowly after LOTS of talking and thinking (and to be honest trying to pretend it didnt exist)it turned into love. We finally met each other in person last month and that was the happiest time so far in both our lives. Nobody could ask for a more caring, considerate and thoughtful person as what Kittfoot is. And whats more he has a great sense of humor and loves cats!!!!

So thanks everyone for the well wishes. This will not be easy for us but we sure are happy! Kittyfoot will reply to this I am sure when he returns.
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Debby...a gold star and a big hug to you...you should have been a detective. I guess we know who the romantics are here...

Anyway,YES,IT'S TRUE!!! I fell helplessly for my sweet,southern lady. I sure wasn't expecting this when I decided to get into computers. Best money I have ever spent.

When our friendship started,neither of us was looking for anything other than a few words about cats and computers. As a matter of fact our first communication was telling me how to post pictures of Tic and Tac...and she wound up doing it for this big dummy. So watch out who you help.As we talked the winter away we found more and more common ground,but still no idea of anything permanent. I knew about her husband long ago and was disturbed about my growing attraction for a married woman. But as I realized how very unhappy she was and how little she was regarded; he faded in importance. This dear lady deserves so very much better than the life she has led.That's as deep as I will go into her personal life here.

All I know is I love her deeply and once she becomes free I will be VERY pleased to spend the rest of my life treating her like the angel she is.

Now if that makes me a bad person in some eyes...tough toenails. You live your life and I'll live mine. I can only say that I hope for everyone the happiness that we share.

Does internet romance work?? YOU DAMN BETCHA!!!!!
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Kittyfoot, you BIG softee you!!!!

I admire you for your sincerity and compassion for Meme and the situation she's in. After posting in the other thread, I came to this one and realized what was going on DUH!!!!! I didn't know that you guys have been going at this thing (pardon the pun) for over 10 months and did finally meet. I only hope that it stays as strong as it is now and can endure.

My best to you both. I'm envious!

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Kittyfoot and Meme
Up in a treet

First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes the baby
In a baby carriage


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Sorry Donna...miracles are somebody else's department Behave now!!!

Just cause I'm pretty,don't mean I'm dumb!!!
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Besides Donna..... I've been fixed...rotflmao
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All I have to say is thanks for the clarification that you met on another web site. Before the debates began today, Meme was hanging in there with a big 16 posts here. Now I've heard of things happening fast, but really!
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LOL.... yes we met on another site but do most of our talking via ICQ so that explains things better. I am not much for posting. No real reason just dont ever seem to post. Grin.....
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Me too! Been spayed for 2 years

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Been like that for over 25 years!!!! Got you beat...lol
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Debby, how did you figure out it was Meme? I knew there was cyber love in Kittyfoot's life, but how did you figure out who it was?

I am so happy for both of you! I think that the internet is the best way to meet these days. My sister is moving in with her internet love next month and Catarina has also found love on the web! Whoever thought computers can be so romantic?
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Thanks Anne!!! Kittyfoot and I are happy too!!!
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Sorry kids..I work nights. Anyhow I echo Meme's comments..thanks all. Once things get settled and we are together it won't be the northern lights you see at night it will be the glow fron 2 very happy people. We plan to be disgustingly in love forever.
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I want to be in love too!!!! My problem is with my luck my ship will come in and I'll be at the train station.


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I'm with you, Donna. If this thread gets any happier, I may have to shoot myself!
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Donna and Deb25...hey,don't give up yet...if an old confirmed loner like me can find the love of my life there is surely hope for a pair of lovely ladies like yourselves. You two will make a pair of lonesome guys very happy...as long as they behave.
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Don't worry, Kittyfoot. I haven't given up. Just wondering why all the karma can't ever gel at once.

You know, you're in love and happy, but your job sucks.

You have a job you like, but money is an issue.

You have a good job, your life is generally happy, but you are celebrating it all alone.

For me personally, being in a good relationship would solidify the other good things going on in my life right about now. Solitude doesn't bother me, but sharing is nicer.
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I agree Deb that sharing is just wonderful. Until we met Kittyfoot and I really had nobody to share with. Now we have each other and it is soooooo nice. Having someone that you can share the good and the bad with sure does make life easier.
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