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new litter

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hey has anyone heard of cat attract, its a litter that is suppose to attract your kitty to the litter pan, its suppose to help with problems, Petsmart carries it, has anyone tried it and does it work? my sister is having problems with her cat Sally
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I saw it advertised in Cat Fancy but I haven't tried it. If you do, let me know how it works out.
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Never heard of that one
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Dr. Elsey invented it. He's a cat specialist in Denver (Englewood)that my friend takes her cats to. I have actually talked to him a couple of times for specialist type advise - he works with the University of Colorado on cat research projects (such as behavioral disorders and diseases). My friend claims it works, but I have not tried it personally. Knowing Dr. Elsey (from raves from my friend), he would invent something that works.

Here's a web site about it:

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i can't personally recommend it because i haven't tried it, but someone on the Ragdoll forum i attend has recommened it... so i would assume that it works. he even mentioned just putting a handful or so in the box to help attract your kitty...
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omg thank you so much for the info. it has been a big help and that web site was awsome, she is going to get some. we have a petsmart, its about a hour drive but it will be worth it, she can get enough to last a while, thank you all once again, i knew i could get some advice here
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A friend of mine and I both tried Cat Attract litter in the last few months and have similar results with it. We are both multi-cat households with multiple litter boxes.

We mixed a bit of Cat Attract litter to our regular scoopable litter in one of the litter boxes. In both cases, there was consistently more waste in the litter box with Cat Attract than without it. This, even when the litter boxes were placed side by side. So our conclusion is that it does draw cats to the litter box. Perhaps a good product if you have a litter box adverse cat.

Cat Attract has an odd smell to it (kind of like wet earth). Dr. Elsey (who is my friend's vet and invented the product) recommends using it full strength, but with it's cost, we both chose to blend it in rather than use it full strength.

I found a bag at Petsmart but no where else in my area. I understand that they offer a product sold to vets only that is condensed strength that is intended to mix into your regular litter. My vet didn't know of it.
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Wow, Amy...you are quite the scientist! One of my cats will once in awhile choose to not use the box. I will keep this product in mind.

Speaking of cat litter, I recently got a free jug of Petco's own litter with a purchase of Royal Canin cat food. The last time I changed the litter, I broke this stuff out, and I really like it! It really absorbs the moisture out of the pee, so the clumps are nice and hard, without contaminating the rest of the litter, so to speak. I think I am switching to this brand permanently from Tidy Cats. The messes scoop out so clean and the rest of the litter stays unaffected. With Tidy Cats, many times the rest of the litter gets nasty pretty quickly.
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I've used it for my finicky Felixia, and she really likes it. We have to be VERY careful about changing anything with her - if she doesn't like it she'll find somewhere else to go.
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One of the folks on my crf list swears by this stuff...says it works and is just wonderful. If you try it, please post your opinion on it!
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Cat Attract....

The stuff does work....but you shouldn't need to use it forever. I used cat attract for about 3 weeks and gradually switched over to the multi-cat stuff made by the same company. (Precious Cat).

Cat Attract helped my orange tabby get back on track using his litter box after we moved. We moved into a large house 3500+sqft and Gus was raised in an apartment and had was not used to the large space. So he had a few accidents. I think the Cat Attract helped him zero in and locate the litter boxes.

I hope this helps.

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a friend of mine at work was going to go to petsmart today so my sister is having him get her some of it to try, she has 4 cats and one of them has a problem with the litter pan, she has tried alot of differnt things, new litter pans ect. she now is going to try this product, i hope it helps, the kitty has no uti shes been checked, i will let you know if it helps
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I'm really encouraged by what I hear about this stuff here! Great thing to know if I ever need it!
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