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Just checking in to see how Rhiann is doing. Still looks VERY preggo...poor baby!
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You guys were right...she does like to draw it out....
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Man, she's really tearing up her little blanket & etc...maybe she's starting to get ready for the babies!
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My luck, she'll have them later on this afternoon, or tonight. I work the all night shift, and I have to go to bed pretty soon, and then I won't be able to check until tomorrow morning about 9am Pacific time. I'll bet she'll have had them by then, and I won't get to see it. Oh I wish she'd have them really soon, but I doubt it. I'm sure I'll be sleeping when those babies come.
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That's a bummer Hope! As long as she's taking, you just might get to see her give birth!
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Originally posted by Imagyne

Congrats on your new babies!!!! Send pix soon! We want to see them
my babies are all grown up now. Little nimby, stormy, and blizzy will be six monthes old soon! How time flies!!
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I see a hand there
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Yeah... Me too
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Sandie Is sitting with her. We are very very anxious, I wish she would start popping them out. We thought it a good sign when she started digging up her blankets, and now she licking up a storm.

Maybe that old saying is true... a watched pot never boils....
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It does look like she's licking herself alot...

Patiently waiting for the arrival!
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My goodness , she sure is taking her sweet time with the delivery . By now I would be a nerves wrack .
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Uhhhhhmmmmmm we are.....

Since Sandie has to work tomorrow, I'll stay up with her tonight, that is if I can convince San to actually go to bed.....

Patience is not one of my virtues....
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Hang in there Ken! Sandie...you need some rest too ya know!
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she looks so big! Come on pretty kitty, we wanna see some babies!
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awwwww she looked up at the camera! what a cute little face she has
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Wow, I just got home from work and hadn't checked the cam since last night. I'm really surprised there are no babies yet!
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Any updates? I've been checking on & off all evening...she's pretty restless at times.

What happens if she doesn't have them by morning? Is that normal or is it time for a Vet? Just curious about all of this...I've never dealt with a preggo Mommy before. It's a learning experience for me...ya never know when I might need to use this information.

Thanks & hope Rhiann is doing good...and you guys too!
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OKay... an update

Shes barely eaten anything today, maybe about 5 or 6 pieces of food, which for her is unusual.

Friday was the 63rd day, and the count started on the second day of observed breeding... she normally runs 2 days after the calc, so that would mean, for her it would today. But you never know with cats...
Anyway, i know loads of folks are watching as I can see all the connections, I really hope she has them soon.

She fairly aggrevated judging from her tail flicking, and the fact that she has begun to purr to herself.

Okay so where we stand now is that it looks closer than last night and this afternoon, if that tells you anything.

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Thanks for the update Ken!
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She could wait until the 67th day, so we aren't worried...

She a very spoiled Mom, as one of us has always been with her during the entire process. Add to that, that since this is her first litter in our new house, where we have a cattery with a queening pen (she's used to a birthing box next to my wifes desk) it could add to the wait..
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I'm getting a continuous view of the webcam. Instead of a still shot, as I received yesterday, I'm getting changing pictures. I hope Momcat delivers soon! Best of luck to you.
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Thank you very much!!!
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Is that my conection ? Or she she standing for last 10 minutes ?
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the connection is down
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and now back up lol
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great I can see her move again
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Awww... Mama cat is sleeping now
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So any guestimate on how many?
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We're thinkin about 3 maybe 4, it depends though, she hides them well, and doesn't balloon until right beforehand..
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Oh man! I was hoping she had them last night. I had a dream about Rhiann having her kittens and everyone here was really excited because a lot of people saw the whole thing, and Mom and Babies were all healthy and happy. (Maybe it's a premonition.... Not that I've ever had one of those before, but it could happen! )
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