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I just can't fight the tiredness anymore! Hopefully when I wake up in the morning & I'll see beautiful new babies! Can't wait to see them!

Have a good one Ken & good luck!
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LMAO...just now my Mom got outta bed to go to the bathroom & the first thing outta her mouth was "Did she have her babies? Did I miss it?". Looks like Mom's getting just as anxious as I am!

Just had to share...
now back to your schedule broadcast......
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Have a good one Shell, I sure *hope* she has them tonight....

Tell your mom not to worry, we'll have pix if she misses it..
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That sure was no joke when you said tha she is taking her sweet time with it It almost looks like she enjoy's letting every body wait lol .
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She is so cute laying on her back like that! First she couldn't stop moving and now she is totally chilling out. lol
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Oooh.... she is laying on her back.... I thought maybe the cam was upside down when I looked at her just now
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she's fast alseep.. I don't know if you can tell but her lttle paws are witching like crazy.... Somehow I think she going to hold them until tomorrow, just a feeling though.

Last litter she had, she was due on the friday we left for a cat show, (we did have a vet tech staying with her 24/7 until we got home on sunday) but she held until we were about 30 minutes away, then she started labour.. by the time we walked in the door the first one had just popped out (thereafter named squirt) and she had the rest...
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bless your heart , that really sounds like a very long night for you guys . I don't see her paws move , to bad I sure would like to
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the more I look and watch her sleep the more it looks like she has a smile on her face
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She's sleeping on her side now
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Okay... she's awake and eating.. go figure, she eats up until her little ones start popping out...
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I can get to the site, but not the litter cam. Maybe I am not clicking on something I need to be? I am not as computer literate as most of you. I use Netscape 7.0 if it matters. I would love to see what may be a new mommy by now.
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I went to your cam on "Mozilla" and all I saw was a cat standing up and I tried to press stop but nothing happenend and then I hit refresh and again nothing happened so I went onto your cam on Internet Explorer and everything works and I see a kitty lying down I'm going to keep checking it out every now and then

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All I'm getting is a Red X.
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This has GOT to be the worst part of breeding. I swear she does this every time she has kittens. She shows signs for a few days and then I swear she waits until we are nothing but broken down balls of nerves.
It looks as if the camera is down again, and Ken is sleeping so it's going to have to wait until he gets up. The minute he gets up, I will get him to fix it.
I was up every hour and a half checking on her last night, and every time I came in to see her, it was like she had a look on her face saying "WHAT?". She looks pretty well rested this morning, which is more than I can say for me!
The minute (hopefully today) she starts having contractions, I will let you guys know.
Rhiann has always had a pretty easy delivery. She doesn't cry at all, but you can hear her grunt a bit when she's pushing. Don't worry if you see our hands in there, we are usually just making sure she gets them cleaned off and they are breathing
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It's like a little after 6am here in California. I just got up early to see how the kitty was doing, but I'm getting a red x, instead of the cam.
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I'm getting the red x too. Ken must still be sleeping...must have been a LONG night!
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oh man I am going to miss the birth with the red X
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That's what I'm thinking too. That it's happening and they're too busy. Go Rhiann!
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Red x here too!
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Okay folks, sorry about that, I was up late last night, slept in and lo and behold SBC changed my IP number... all fixed now.
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yeah , I can see again
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Whoo! How's the progress going?
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Very, Very, sloooooooooooooo
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I don't want to miss the litter. Snowwhite the little devil had heres right after we went to bed!! Rich was leaving for work and said goodbye to her and then noticed the babies
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How cute is this picture? I just captured it now from the live feed!
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And this one was from last night...poor baby just wants these kids out!
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she is to cute
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Congrats on your new babies!!!! Send pix soon! We want to see them
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