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Congratulations on the new babies. I'm sad for me, that I missed the birth. I just knew she'd end up having them, when I couldn't see it.

I checked the cam, when I came home from work this morning, and I saw the babies, though. They are really cute little things.
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Finally got a full nights sleep, and we are glad to see that the little ones are doing well. Rhiann is a great Mom, and so sweet to her little ones.

Now that the birth is over, and I have some serious work to do with my computer (MS Access, Web Design etc....) We've decided that because the webcam Software eats a tremendous amount of resources, it's difficult to do anything else on it while it's running, we are going to limit the time that the cam runs.

So I thought these times would give everyone a chance to peek in on them from time to time, and see them grow. Of course we will provide updates on here as well. Anyway here are the times:

10:00-12:00 am EST & 8:00-10:00pm EST

Remember that it's East Coast time...

Once again, thanks to everyone who watched and sent good vibes Rhianns way!!!
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i'll be peaking in! They are so adorable. I was showing hubby picks of your kitties and he thinks they are too cute!
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For sure I will be checking in every day now to see how mom and kittens are doing .... thank you Sandie and Ken for sharing so much with all of us . And don't gorget to give mom and babies some from me
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mama is so cute , you can tell she enjoy her kittens
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Hedi, She really is enjoying them! They have gained an ounce each the first day, haven't wieghed them tonight yet, but I know they are packing it on!
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ohh look at them nursing so cute!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this with us!
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Just wanted to let everyone know that the litter cam is going to be down for a day or two. Ken's computer crashed, and he's working on getting it up and running again
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Thanks Sandie , I was wondering why I had problems
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How is the computer problem comming ???
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Kens hard drive is out of commission, so the camera is still not up. He's working on getting it up and running.
I thought I would give you a few 5 day old pictures of the lil' ones.
It looks as if (for now) we have a long leg female blue point, short leg male blue point, and a short leg solid white
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If you look close, you can see the points
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OMG they are sooooooooo cute
I want one
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I just look again and I can see the points ... awwwww how cute . The one in the back looks like it want to give me a
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Congrats on the new arrivals. Ken and Sandie. They look to be such sweethearts.
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Okay... I finally got my 'puter up and running as my hard drive was completely wiped out.

The litter cam is running, with a larger size picture, so please let me know if it give you problems, and I can reduce it again.
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I just try to look at the cam and I only get the red X , both time I try
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please try it again.... I have a new firewall, and i *think* I have it now..
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Heck with it.. I'll just shut the firewall down during transmission..

If you're still haveing trouble seeing things, try refreshing the page.
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The first time I just try , I got a red x again . But when I hid refresh the cam would come up . So now I see them cuties
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OMG the baby you just showed is just to cute .
They are all to cute for mom and the babies ..... well lets not forget the pretty dad
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Mom cat is so sweet to her kittens it looks to that the kittens have already grwon a bit .
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Here there are, eyes open and getting bigger by the day
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OMG they are to cute
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How are the three babies doing Today Ken & Sandie?
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They are all so healthy and growing like weeds. You would be amazed at the color change in the pointed ones. You can see in the picture. I sure wish I could keep them ALL!!!
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OMG they are gorgeous how cute . I bet you have a hard time when they have to go .
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OMG! I have neglected this thread & I'm amazed at how much those little ones have grown! They are just so sweet & perfect!

Thanks for sharing those pic's with us!
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