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Me too!
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Me, three.
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made a mistake and had to reboot my computer...

dang she's soooooo close...
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Ken, I don't know if it's just my PC or what but it's not refreshing like it was before. I have to manually refresh it to change the screens...just thought I'd let you know. You've got more important things to deal with right now!

Sounds like the babies are on their way! YIPEE!
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Ah cripe! Now it's working fine for me...I think my PC is taking a nose dive tonight! Never mind about that...sorry!
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For some strange reason, my browser isn't refreashing along with the live feed anymore. Now, I have to hit refreash manually to keep the picture updated. Anyone else having that problem?
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Shell, I was having the same problem.
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I have the same problem , I was wondering why she did not move , now I now why
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I'm getting a red X too! And I wanted to see a momcat giving birth!
Well, I'll check back again. Thanks for the cam.

Faux Lucy (named faux in this pic after the faux marble-like texture to the picture) looks on, too:
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It's going now...looks like somethings happening!
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Try it now.. if it still is doing it, refresh the page...

I changed a couple of things for the stream, I guess they didn't work so I changed them back.

Don't worry, I'm sitting right next to her as I type.
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I still need to refresh to see changes
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Me too, I still need to manually refresh the page.
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It's working fine for me. I found that if I hit stop & then start again..it works.
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Try hitting the stop button and then wait a few seconds then sart it again...
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I think that did the trick. She hasn't moved in a while, has she?
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I think it is working for me now . Thanks I am so ecited
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no she hasn't moved much, the kittens sure are though..
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Ken, I've just gotta say how sweet you are to Rhiann! Every few minutes I see your hand (well...I'm assuming it's your hand! I guess it could be Sandie's!) trying to console her.

I just can't help but smile while I watch this! It's amazing to watch her bring new life into this world!
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It looks to me she will have them tonight
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Thanks shell, yeah, that was me, that time. I think I felt a small contraction then, not sure though cuz it was so slight. Sandie went up to get some sleep, so I'll stay up and then wake her up if she starts to have them, when I get burned out, then I'll wake her up and she'll watch her, and wake me when she starts to have them...

I think she's gonna have them tinight to, but again, she does loooove to draw this out....
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Sounds like a really long night for you guys! Good luck! I'm hoping to stay up to watch, but my eyes are getting a bit heavy! I can only imagine how tired you guys will be!
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It's still relatively early out here in California. So maybe I'll get to see them being born. That would be so awesome!
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I took a nap today in anticipation of this, plus im a night person..
I hope you get to see it too!!

I know we'll be taking pictures as well... so if you miss it, we can send ya stills....
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Seems like she doesn't want to stay in there right now.. She's beautiful.
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I try to stay up as long as I can and even if I get to see the great birth I sure like to see the pictures off them . Thanks for sharing that all with us .... that is to exciting
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Oh, I'd love to see the still photo's as well. She does seem restless. Is that a sign, that she might be about to give birth?
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well, it's a sign she's on the way to it..
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When I first went to the webpage it was refreshing itself, but after hitting stop then start it started to, if that helps anyone else out. Good luck with the kitties!
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