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The black and white pics look the same as the color since they are all black and white kitties ha ha ha
Congrats on the new family! How many did she have total?
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DragonLady that would be great , I know they would love that
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3 so far... but she really could deliver another up until tomorrow...
And mom is blue & white, all the kittens look white...
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Well lets hope for a little color
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This was dads First time, so we really weren't expecting all whites, we'll see what happens next time.
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All whites are CUTE!!!
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Here's Dad, who by the way is VERY interested in whats going on..
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OMG he is absolutly gorgeous .... if the kittens look like him you wont have any problems finding homes for them
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He is beautiful!
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Ken , so when is next time ??? I want to make sure I wont miss it
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Thank you guys!!

Okay, just got weights on the little ones:

#1 3.7oz
#2 3.2oz
#3 3.3oz

And changing the linens, add a heating pad...
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That won't be until March of next year, then we'll have 2 litters..
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omg....is she having more?! i missed the whole thing darnit!!!!
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LOL...nope...looks like she's feeding....
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OH boy , that's a long time till March

Well at least I did not miss this one
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I missed it by about 10-15 minutes!!!! *#@!^$!@^^!%#$$@!!!
But even this part is amazing to watch.
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Actually not that far off.. These little ones wont leave us until they are 3 months old, Then it will only be 3 more months until we breed again. And I'll make sure you know about it!!

Anyway, we have spent the last few nights with little sleep, so now that the littles ones are safely suckling on mommy, we are going to go to bed.

So for tonight, Im going to turn the cam off, until morning, since the lights will be off you wont be able to see anything anyway..

Sandie, Rhiann & I would like to thank you for sharing in the birth of her little ones. I hope we got a chance to answer your questions, I don't think we forgot anyone...

Thanks again!!!
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I need to go to bed now .... I will ck in tomorrow ..

Sorry Coco Maui and RagieMom that you missed it
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I forgot to say thanks Sandie and Ken for sharing with all off us and my love to the proud mom
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Originally posted by Imagyne
Since the Munchkin gene is a autosomal spontaneous dominant gene(meaning that it MAY or MAY NOT occur..) you have to have atleast 1 munchkin, male or female. the other can be Domestic, but that would the the line back to generation 1, so mostly we use other long legged munchkins or other munchkins to breed... However we do from time to time introduce domestics into the line in order to keep the health, as domestics tend to be healthier than other "purebred cats".

The things is even though it is a dominant gene, you still never know what you'll get, sometimes you get all long legged ones even with mating 2 munchkins...

Does this make sense.. im kinda tired..
That is really interesting! I remember when the munchkin breed first came out everyone was up in arms, but now that I have been doing some reading I really think it is an interesting breed! If I am ever lucky enough to breed kitties I think that is the breed I will pick. I'm really quite in love with the little guys! And I LOVE that they stand on there hind legs (I think i read that on your site) nimby does that all the time and it is too adorable!
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I wanted to see the Momcat give birth so badly, too. Oh, well, I see that Momcat has three white kittens? And the Dadcat is so handsome, too. Congrats on such cute white kittens! My husband loves solid white cats and solid oranges. No tabbies? Do you know if the kittens all munchkins?

How does the tabby gene work? I mean, can a solid cat and a bicolor have a tabby kitten?

An update on some roaming cats: I've been leaving cat food out on the porch (hoping Mysty might return), and so far, I've attracted a large white and black cat (mostly white with a black/gray saddle back and a splash of black on its head) that runs away when I approach the patio door and an orange cat that was sitting, curled up on my porch wicker chair and cushion. The orange cat seems tamer than the large black and white one and he arrives on the scene later, after midnight. I haven't seen the large beige ragdoll since the time he got into our garbage cans. WE have not seen any raccoons for quite some time and I'm wondering what happened to all of them.

I'll check out the Sandkats site to find out if I missed more pics of the kittens. Thanks again!
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I havn't checked the web cam yet, so I don't know if it's running. Wanted to let everyone know that mom and babies are doing great this morning. When I got up and checked on them, they are all lined up in a row nursingNo matter how many litters you see born,it always tugs on your heart strings.
We are both still in shock that she had 3 all white kittens. With the Munchkins, it's almost impossible to predict color from breedings. Even if we are 5 generations from the domestic line, the color may come up from WAY back there. Rhianns first litter she had 2 chocolate and white short hair, and 1 seal point with white longhair. If you look on the website they are Excalibur,Mcguyver, and Sterling. Her 2nd litter she had 1 blue and white shorthair, 1 blue and white longhair, 1 fawn bi-color longhair, and 1 black smoke Van Longhair. Squirt (the van) isn't on the website, but the 3 others are Angel, Harley Softail, Marcus. The first litter, the dad was a Seal Point with white, and the second litter was Kaos whos on the website.
I also wanted to thank all of you who watched and shared the whole experience with us. We had a great time reading all the replys last night (Ken read them to me)
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Sandie I only get the red X
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Congratulations to you guys! They are adorable! And thank you so much for sharing with us.
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i can't see the kittens either!! is the web cam down??
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Perhaps they disconnected it to give mom and babies privacy?

Congrats on the litter you two!!! Glad it went off without a problem!
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awwww they look so cute together now .

The cam is back on line
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awwww brings back memories of my three little white fluffy clouds of love It is amazing how tiny they are!!! They grow up SO fast!!!
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They are so precious! Thank you Ken & Sandie for sharing just a beautiful moment with us. It's the first time I've seen a birth of kitten before & was just wowed by everything. Glad to hear that everyone is doing great & thanks for sharing a still picture with us. Absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks once again & please keep us updated on how Mommy & the babies are doing.
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