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back up!
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oh no I got a X too ... I miss the next birth
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it's up again! Phew!
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2 colorpoints so far? 1 standard, 1 NS
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Momma looks like shes resting a bit. Boy, must she be pooped!
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I got mine back too ... phew

Mom and kittens look sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
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cute picture of her lifting her head for a pet
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Ya can't get any cuter than that!
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OMG , mom lucks sooooo cute too and soooo happy

I want a kitten now
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Yay Rhiann!
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Me too! My husband will kill me.....
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Fireshoes..what a great shot!
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I want another kitten too, and those Munchkins are just too cute. Rob would kill me though I think... heh
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OH OH she is fixing to have a other one

Do you know what sex they are yet ???
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Hedi, it's too early to tell...give em a few weeks & then you might be able to tell what sex they are. Right now they all look the same!
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I bet she is purring like crazy!
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This is just too too too cool!
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I forgot all about it .... it is to long ago since I had kittens ....

I still want one ... did you see how cute mom looks with the kittens
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I hate to leave the festivities, but 6:30 AM comes pretty quickly.
Have a great night all and congrats and happy birthday on the new Munchkins!

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G'Nite Toni! Thanks for hanging out with us tonight & watch the miracle of birth!

Wow...I'm still shocked & amazed. It's such a beautiful thing!
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Good night Tonim68 ... see ya tomorrow
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So how many babies so far? I think I might have missed one...
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looks like 2 to me
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Well..thats what I thought but then I could have sworn I seen another one. I think it's time to get new contacts!
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Looks like another one!
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darn i missed the first two! I was watching monster garage. Jessy james
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it sure does
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This is why we watch her so close...

Third one came out almost lifeless, too much fluid in her lungs.. soo we cut the cord and swung her (hard to explain) and got the fluid out... she's now with Mom and doing well..

Oh so far 2 are dry and look solid white.. like dad.. this last one looks to be white as well, so that makes 3 whites, 1 NS (non-standard) and 2 Munchkins.

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Wow, I had no idea all that was going on. Thank god everything is okay now!
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Thanks for play by play Ken! Wow...4 of them!

Do you think there is more?
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