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PUSH PUSH!! i wanna see the babies
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OMG I don't know how you guys do it, i'm just watching on the computer and i'm on the edge of my seat!
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Hedi, You can call me Ken..

Anyway, she's having good contractions... the first is always the hardest, it still good be a while before one comes out, a little fluid coming out.
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OMG , I was on the phone while I was posting the last time ... how exciting I almost missed it ....
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ohhh she is getting close! that is soo cool!
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I wonder how many are watching right now
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about13 people...
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I'm watching and I'm DYING here! This is so exciting!!!!
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me to
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Mom & I are watching too! We're just dying to see those new babies!

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What is on the outside of the pan? The dark grey little thing?
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Isn't that a pillow or a blanket?
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I also want to let you guys know that this will be kinda gross....
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It has been at least 4 years I watch a birth by a cat how exciting
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Okay, she kept trying to lay in the litter box as the queening pen wasn't giving her enough traction, so, we put a litter box IN the queening pan, Both are lined with surgical drapes. OOO a couple of really big contractions.
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This is my first. I'm so excited!!!!
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Where are you going girl , go back and have them babies now
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Momma is a beauty
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This is my first time seeing it as well.

When Ashley had her litter, I was away at school. I came home to a floor full of babies! Heh
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I'm a birthing virgin too!
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They're here! They're here!!! YAY!!!!
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OMG OMG it is almost there
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Oh I can't stand it!Push momma PUSH!
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This is soooo cool! Thank you for sharing this with us!
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I want to be there now too
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Oh how TEENY!
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'VE GOT BABIES!!! CONGRATS KEN & SANDIE!!!!!
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How sweet!
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