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She hasn't had them, yet?
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That must be nerv wrecking
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Hmmm....the picture has frozen for me, but it looks like a little kitten face in the upper part of the picture? Has she had the babies??
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ok, nevermind It was the edge of the cat bed Rhiann is soooo pretty - can't wait to see those babies!!
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Neither can we, and yes it is VERY nerve wracking....
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Rhiann doesn't like me even via cam. LOL, every time I've peeked today she hops out of the box as soon as I get there.
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I thought for sure when I logged on I'd see cute little furries on my screen!
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she's restless as heck.... Oi vay, this litle one is driving us nuts!
First she's in the liter box, then she's crying for attention, then she lays in the pan then the box........
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Poor kid...and you guys too! I bet you're ready to pull your hair out by now!
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i want to see the babies so bad!!!!!!
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Is your girl still in the time limit or do you start to worry ? I kind of worry now about her . But then I don't have a lot of experience (sp) . I think I see 2 or 3 birth by cats .
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No Hedi, we aren't worried, as they can go 69 days and some even 70.
Plus there are signs that we look for that she would be in trouble. She would be at the Vet in a heartbeat if we thought something was wrong. She just really draws things out, she always has.
Every other queen we have is generally right on time.

We're just on pins and needles, cuz one of us is with her throughout.
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I see someone is with her
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Ummmm I think it's getting close....

That's Sandie with her now..
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Woohoo!!! Cant wait!!
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Wow she is sure making the most of the waiting game! She is so beautiful and I can't wait to see the itty bitties!
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I can't wait!!! I hope it happens soon!!
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By the way... howis the video feed?
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it's pretty good. My computer is around four years old so it is alittle slow but you can see what is going
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So far so good! Hurray contractions have started!!!
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EEP!!! It says contractions have started!! How much longer do ya think?
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awww I see an arm in there
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awww look at her face!! She doesn't look up at the camerca much so when i saw this I copyed it real fast, hope ya don't mind
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YAY! Contractions!

Val...I saved that shot too! LOL!
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where did she go
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there she is She is too cute!
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ohhh ohhh i think it is happening!!!!
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Thanks Imagyne , now I don't worry any more I know that you would go to the vet right away As I said I don't know a hole lot about delivery
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She is an adorable cat. I love her markings on her face...so cute.
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Woohoo, play-by-play!
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