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Litter Cam

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Today is the due date for our little Rhiann. She runs a couple of days late most of the time, but, we've put our web cam up and it is supplying live feed video of her queening pan.

I know it works well with internet explorer, not sure about Netscape. I also think that the more people who connect the "live" portion probably wont be as fast, but im not sure about that either.

Anyway, Have a look and you might get to see her litter born.

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OH..how exciting! I just checked it out...I'm looking a beautiful cat laying on a cat bed. I'll definitely check it out more often...

Good luck with the new litter arriving & Good luck to the Mommy!!
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Looks like she's taking a nap. She's SO pretty!!
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We're thinkin that she'll have them sometime this weekend...
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AAAWWWWW you just pet her and I could see her cute belly . She looks so tini
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i can see her cleaning herself...teeheehee...this was a good idea to have a live webcam; i've never heard of it before!
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I've been watching on & off for the past hour! She seems a bit restless...maybe the time is near? It's so exciting to watch...can't wait to see those new beautiful babies!
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I couldn't see anything...it was completely black!
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We stayed up until 11 last night watching her, and though she's close, she wasn't going to have them last night. So Debby, when you checked last night, the lights were off for the night
Purrfectcatlove.... She is somewhat Tiny, When she's not pregnant, she weighs about 6.5 pounds. Munchkins aren't large cats, they should weight between 6 and 9 pounds full grown.
Rhiann is known to draw the whole birthing process out, and keep us on our toes for 3 to 4 days. We are hoping she has them this weekend, but who knows, she may make us wait until Monday or Tuesday
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What time did you look? It's possible we put them to bed.. ie. turned the lights off in the cattery.

Also, what browser are you using?

And yet again, because I run a network at home, I use a router, which means that the good folks at SBC change the IP nuber to my router about ever 24 hours, so I have to manually change that number in the code on the kitten page and then upload it again to make sure it is still streaming....

Probably the light were off though.
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Originally posted by Imagyne

And yet again, because I run a network at home, I use a router, which means that the good folks at SBC change the IP nuber to my router about ever 24 hours, so I have to manually change that number in the code on the kitten page and then upload it again to make sure it is still streaming....
Ken, that would explain why I got a red X about an hour ago...I was going to tell you about it, but I figured you were fixing it. Looks great though...even my Mom is checking it out! We know nothing about birthing babies, but the excitement of it all is driving us crazy! LOL!
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Heh, driving us crazy as well,... I udated the page about 5 minutes ago, sooo you should be able to see her, let me know if you don't!
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I just saw Rhiann get her bedding changed and prance around while she was getting pets and loves.
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How cool it that!!! Thanks Imagyne
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I am so excidet about watching now
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Just checked it out & seen someone (I'm assuming it's Ken) checking her out!

Any update guys?
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She looks like she will be glad to have that weight drop off. I hope she delivers soon!
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She does move a little restless today .... maybe she will have them today
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She is getting close No contractions yet, but heavy breathing and she is getting restless. I think Ken and I will be up tonight waiting.
She's always been one of those kittys who likes us with her.
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we both keep petting her, and checking to see if we can feel the placement of the kittens. They are moving down, I felt one fairly low down, so we'll see. Plus she keeps getting upo to use the litter box but she'll jump in and then turn circles for a bit and get back in the birthing pan.

on another note, it doesn't seem that streaming video is using all that much bandwith, so I think I'll leave it up even after the kittens are born...

Thanks for watching guys, we thought it would be kewl for people to see the process and the birth, who aren't normally exposed to it, well.... anyone for that matter. We have quite a few people who have purchased one or more of our munchkins that are watching this as well.

The other exciting part is that we have no idea how many munchkin will be in this litter. It's always a surprise.

The waiting IS THE WORST!!!!!!!
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I'm watching now, it's 7:09pm Pacific Time. It looks like she is laying on her back. I hope she has those babies. I think it's so cool that you're sharing this with us.
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I wanted to ask, do they cry in pain, when they are giving birth? I've never been around a baby kitten being born? I know human women sometimes moan and cry in pain, so I was wondering if cats do, too.
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Oh the excitement is killing me! Poor baby looks like she's so uncomfortable...constantly moving around. I bet she'll be so relieved when those babies are out of there!

Ok...back to the live feed...hope I didn't miss anything!
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OH NO..I'm getting a big red X!

Oops..never mind! It's working now!
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fixed it... SBC doesn't like me tonight
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that is soooo cool!!!! I think she is sleeping now, I want to get a cam so I can't keep an eye on my babies when i'm at work!
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HopeHacker , some cats cry and some cats don't cry . I guess it is with us human , some cry and moan and some don't
I have seen a few birth befor and it is always exciting to me how nature works . So I still hope I can watch this one
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Originally posted by Imagyne
fixed it... SBC doesn't like me tonight
You weren't kidding,huh? I've the red x again Ken!
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yeah me too
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I can see her again
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