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Anyone else here love the Halloween/Autumn season?

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This has to be my favorite time of year. I LOVE Halloween, and I love Autumn, with all of the beautiful colors, wish we had the colorful tree's here in California. Anyone else love it, this time of year?
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I love it as well - the weather is perfect, the sun shines into my apartment and the colours are spectacular in this part of the carolinas - but unfortunately the news said that this year will not have the spectacular colours as usual because of all the rain we had all summer
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I love this season- Spring rocks! All the baby animals and Trick'or'Treating!

Awwwww!Can't wait!
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the cooler weather puts a damper on it but after a long hot summer its welcome! i like it too when the leaves change and you know Halloween is coming up. I'm in an area where there are no mature trees so I dont have to worry about raking. its all downhill after that! (just kidding)
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It would be odd to have Halloween in the spring, I think.
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Fall is absolutely amazing up here near Algonquin Park. With all the mature trees that I have on my property and in my surrounding neighbourhood the colours are awesome. I've started to try and make a website but I haven't gotten very far, however I did manage to put up a link on that site called Nature Sizzles in Muskoka and they are pics of everything where I live.

All photos were taken by me, if you would like to see the website in progress here is the link.

Have fun and enjoy! Sorry I haven't figured out how to add a Guestbook yet!

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Great photo's. I can't wait to see some of your autumn pictures.
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I LOVE fall and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday--love all the spooky stuff. And I lived in Chicago for two years and I just felt like I'd died and gone to Heaven with all the beautiful foliage and crisp weather. I'm like you, wish we had the color out here in Sou. Cal., as it is the maples just turn brown and wither. YUCK!
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I love Autum too and it's my favorite time of the year. Halloween isn't that big of a deal to me but I DO love the fall! Maybe it's because I was born in the fall??
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This is my favorite time of year.
I love the change, the feel of fall.

I have family in CT and some year I want to visit in the fall and see the colors.

All my trees just go dormant(lol) nothing pretty about it.
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Though I absolutely adore Samhain (Halloween for you Non-Pagans =), I prefer the Winter season. =)
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I'm not real big into Halloween but I absolutely love Fall! To me it means a break from summer heat and humidity, the kids going back to school(I'm such a mean Mom), and the gorgeous color display. I live within sight of the Blue Ridge mountains and they are breathtaking in mid October. The show won't be as impressive this year due to Isabel damage though.
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Actually, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I'd even go so far as saying I don't like it at all I guess. The kids in costumes are cute, and handing out candy is just fine... there's just some parts of the holiday I really don't like. Anything 'scary' or 'spooky'... decorations of mummies/zombies/werewolves/etc.

Now, if Halloween was filled with cute, cuddley black kittens peeking out of smiling jack-o-lanterns, and people dressed up as cutsie things like princesses and firemen, I can deal. I know, I'm weird.

I do love autumn though, it's my favorite season. It's cool and crisp, but not freezing, and it's football season to boot.
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Autumn is my favorite time of the year
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I'm English and Spring was always my favorite time of year. But since I moved here (NJ USA) it's Fall - the weather is fresh and sunny with blue blue skies. The colors are amazing and the best holidays are all lined up on top of each other just stacked with good times and good feelings. I love seeing mums EVERYWHERE, going pumpkin picking and even garden clean up is great because the woods are so gorgeous.

I have to say I do like Halloween more too -- at least in my part of England I don't think we really got the hang of this particular holiday. I'm not wild about the really scary, gory stuff that you see, but the trick and treaters in their costumes are adorable. The whole dressing-up thing is great, I hadn't realized that you didn't have to be a ghost or a monster - you can be snow white, David Beckham, a bunny -- anything. It's so cool.

I know summer has been a real wash-out this year, but I'm hoping Fall stays sunny and dry(ish)...I've had my birthday, next up is Halloween , Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year. How can you NOT like this time of year !

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I love the fall! The smell of woodsmoke, the colors the trees turn, and the way the sunlight seems to become more warm. I also love the cooler temperatures-I'd be very happy if it was in the mid 50's year round. And I love Halloween, even though living in an apartment building I don't get trick-or-treaters.
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Yes, I do! Just this afternoon Zack and I were outside and we were hugging and I said to him, "I love it when the weather gets cooler and has that special scent in the air because it reminds me of us when we first met!" He kissed me for that
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I LOVEEEEEEEE halloween and this time of the year in general. All the trees look so pretty!
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I always loved autumn, especially in highschool, that meant all our hard practice at summer band practice was going to pay off for the football games and competitions. The weather is much cooler and nicer and I love the clean crip smell of it in the early mornings. Autumn is my all time favorite time of year. I like it even more when we are surprised by sudden cold fronts
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This has always been my favorite time of year. My mom always said it was because I was an October baby . I was three weeks old on my first Halloween and my mom had me in a costume with a pumpkin doll on my carriage!

I usually go all-out decorating for Halloween. Have been looking at stuff in the stores but have not seen any new decorations that look decent. Will be getting a corn stalk for the front yard, indian corn for the front door, and of course pumpkins...
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I do like the fall , here in Ga. the summer is just so hot all the time . Now I am not a Halloween person , but each person is different . My favored time off the years is spring though , maybe it has something to do that I was born in April lol .
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