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Friday DT!! :)

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Wohoooo!! Another week gone by so darn quickly! Now it's friday again!
What is everyone's plans?
We invited some people over for barbecue, had some over yesterday for barbecue, burnt a few chickens due to 'grease' fire (my first) but at least I had already cooked enough for everyone to eat

So hopefully today's barbecue will go without another fire.

I also want to see MisMatch, that's tonight right?
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Alex is taking me out tonight. Then I don't know what we're doing from there. My best friend is coming over this weekend, too.
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Awwww JellBell!

I'm going to My sisters house today with Ian, I'm not sure what he has planned for us but I bet it will be fun and then I'm getting back late tomorrow night! and then early monday morning I'm off to my dads.

Hope everyones enjoying their day- it's a gorgeous saturday here!
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It's still Friday here in Los Angeles. The weather is beautiful. I'm not doing much, today. Thank God I don't have to work tonight. I wish it was already Tues the 30th of Sept, so I could go get the new Osbournes DVD.
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Aww Friday....I wish I could be as excited as some of you but I can't. As being retired everyday seems like Friday to me!
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Got a quiet evening planned, will watch House of 1000 Corpses.

Playing a game right now on my PS2 - Legaia 2: Duel Saga - I am a BIG fan of RPGs!
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lol. it is cloudy and rainy here. just got our memos on whats goin down next friday (getting laid off) and the schedule and what we have to do and such. But thats next week.
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This week was WAAAAYYYYY too quiet, at work. I expected it to hit the fan, today. Instead, I wound up, with my picture on the Wall of Fame! We have what is called a POSE survey, wherein customers are called back and asked about the service that they received and how satisfied they were. On all of my callbacks, I scored 100%! One of the customers even offered me a job, sight unseen, on the basis of his phone call. No way, am I moving to New York, to work for a lawyer!

On another note, I feel so badly. I totally forgot Mark and Sam's first anniversary. It was last Saturday and I didn't remember until today. I sent off an e-card and apologized to them. I could kick myself - I'm the family member who remembers EVERYTHING!

My new neighbor, from across the street, was waiting when I got home today. She wants to buy my old car and didn't bat an eye at my asking price. I set it a little high, figuring on having to come down but, this gal didn't want to dicker at all. Now, I can put my "cushion" back in the credit union.
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Worked half a day. Caught the last of the 3 kittens that showed up on my doorstep last Saturday and he tested negative (woo hoo). They are in the adoption chain so I'm now fostering 3 new kids. Pics of these guys are posted in the "look what showed up today" thread (I'm drumming up ooooos and aaaahhhhhs).

Had a bad storm blow thru in the afternoon - thunder, lightning, hail and strong winds.....the strongest winds since the tornado hit our house in May - had me so scared I was actually shaking....guess I'm not over my fear of storms yet.
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Friday is just like every other day. =p
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