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Please send thoughts to my secretary

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My secretary's husband died unexpectedly this afternoon. She has lost her husband, mother, father, and only daughter (who was killed by a drunk driver) within the last 10 years. She has no one else.

I am so sad. She is such a wonderful, wonderful person. It breaks my heart that she has to be in such pain.
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Sending comforting thoughts to your sec.

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I'm so sorry she has had so many devasting losses - I am sending her my thoughts and prayers.
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Thoughts and prayers are on the way for your secretary. I hope she will be comforted by her friends and will have the strength to get through the next few days.
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Oh Renae, I am so sorry to hear this. Loss is hard enough, but multiple losses even in the span of 10 years can be devastating, as each death needs to be worked through. It doesn't sound to me like she has had much time to work through one when another hit. I am glad you are in her presence to help her. My prayers are flying-
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Oh no! I am so sorry for your secretary. How awful. I am sending my thoughts her way.

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please let her know of my deepest condolences and let her know that we are praying for her...
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omg that is just terrible, that poor girl, i will send her a prayer, and hope that she gets through this okay
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Oh heartbreaking! Keeping her in my prayers & thoughts! Renea, hold her close...she needs someone right now. How very sad!
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Praayers from CA are on their way. Make sure to be there for her even if you don't know what to say. She will need friends now more than ever.
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Sending prayers from GA from me and the boys
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I will keep your secretary in my thoughts and prayers.
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How terrible. Sending thoughts her way.
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I feel so bad for her!! I am sending up major prayers for her!!!!! I wish there was more I could do!! I am so sorry to hear about this!!!! Please tell her we are praying for her and she is not alone!
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She will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. How terrible. She must be a tremendously strong woman. I know I would be extremely crushed if I were her. I don't think I'd make it.

May God bless her.
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Oh how DEVASTATING!!!!!! Of course she'll be in my prayers. What's her name, Renae?

(((((Hugs))))) to her.
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How awfull . She must go through a lot right now . I sure will alo pray for peace and comford for her
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I can't even begin to imagine how she is coping right now! I lost my father and grandmother within a 5 month period, and that was tough!

The poor woman. Life is so unfair sometimes and it's hard to understand why some people have such a tough ride.

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