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Skinny cats

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Can anybody tell me why some cats get very thin when they are old? I have 2 very old cats, they are both deaf and both extremely skinny. One of them is in perfect health, he is just very thin. The other has recently been diagnosed as diabetic and so I can understand her thinness. Them being skinny does not bother me, but unfortunately, my neighbours are worried about them and keep feeding them because they think they are under fed. They both eat loads, food is available to them both 24 hours a day and they seem to eat non stop, but never put on weight. Why not?
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It's very common for old cats to be thin. You were on the right track by taking them to the vet to make sure it wasn't health related.
Elderly cats loose lots of muscle mass, and that contributes to some of the weight loss.
It's important that you make sure they stay hydrated. Older kittys tend to drink less. If they like canned food, you can offer that to make sure they get extra water. They do make dry foods formulated for elderly cats. It's usually easier for them to digest.
Also, you want to make sure that they okay being outside. Oler kittys tend to loose body heat more quickly. If they get wet or cold, it's harder for them to warm up
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Has your vet tested them for hyperthyroidism? This is very common in older kitties, and some of the symptoms include being very thin despite having an excellent appetite. A simple blood test can help determine this. Hope this helps!
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