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Freddie update

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Freddie has acute leukemia. His fever has come down to 104 and they are keeping him one more day. I am trying to see if I can visit, just so he knows I am close by. I didn't think it was appropriate to post this sad, sad news anyplace else, so forgive me if you're on this message board and have read this. He is so young at 6 mos. that his little body is trying to grow into and adult and the leukemia is just overwhelming him with its presence. I think I will take him home for the weekend and he can be with me and Eric and his brother Sasha. We need nothing short of a major miracle.
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Sasha, you have posted your news about Freddie in exactly the right place. This is a very helpful and supportive board, and if you read some of the archieved threads you will see that many others have also posted with sad news. If Freddie is facing future hospitalizations, you can bring along either some clothing, or a towel or blanket that has your scent on it. Placing one of these items in the cage with Freddie will help to comfort him.
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oh that is a wonderful and super idea, thank you for suggesting that. I am allowed to see him at 4:30 this afternoon, and I can bring things. I guess in my grief I didn't think about this and am kicking myself for not thinking more of him. I have also spent hours reading everyone's other postings and it has been of great comfort, I don't feel so alone. What a splendid note, thank you!!!
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I also wanted to give you this link it has some information on FIV+ cats. I hope it helps!
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Thank you for the note back. I've been reading voraciously, trying to learn and know everything I can. The problem is that nature is taking him faster than we can control. I loved your Snowball!
What a great catpage! Here is FREDDIE'S CAT PAGE have a good weekend, Lorie.
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I am sorry to read about your Freddie . I just want to give you a big (((( HUG ))))
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thank you, we really needed that.
We are weighing such a very grave decision on quality of life issues for Freddie, there's just darkness everywhere I look. At least for 2 days this weekend he can have his happy house back.....
thank you so so much
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Thanks for the nice compliment on Snowball.
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Freddie will be so happy to spend his weekend at home, it'll be comforting that he's with you and not in a strange smelling and looking place. Whatever choice you make will be the right one, you obviously love the little guy so much.

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poor guy. hes only still a baby. sometimes the best ones are destined to go too soon.
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(((****hugs****))) You and Freddie will both feel better with him at home for a visit. Familiar surroundings can be very soothing for a sick baby. I'm so sorry that you have to go thru this!
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Poor Freddie.

*Sends hugs Freddie's and your way.*

I hope he'll be able to come home this weekend.

What a fighter he is not to mention a little .

ou too are an for being such a great mother to him.

Take care and keep in touch.
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oh god, you guys are ALL so great. Maybe there is a reason that I stumbled upon this site, I had no idea. I was researching leukemia so I would be prepared when the time came that he got sick. It hurts so much. But this has been strange medicine when I've always felt so alone. I had Googled "Feline and Leukemia" and got a hoard of stuff......and then in the middle of it all was a thread...a thread from here, from this site, like a beacon. Freddie was sitting in my lap, and I read it to him because it had a paw print beside the name. So we registered and made his web page and now I keep checking back every four hours or so because you all give me strength. Here he is when he was so bright and full of life, brown eyes and all. I feel it is exhausting everyone to read all this, so I will update after our last couple of days together with tons of bunnies and Animal Planet on.
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You are NOT exhausting us at all. TCS is a good outlet when you're in pain, so you know you're not alone. You talk away, I'm always checking for updates from you, or you can always PM me.

That is a very nice picture of Freddie. We'll be here whenever you want some comfort, now or after the weekend.
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thank you, what great kitties--Mozart, Ginza, Kayla and mom. and yes, Kayla does look like my Freddie, bronze nose but beautiful green, moody eyes.
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He had a nice weekend at home with us. But he has no safety net. Meaning that the drs. were holding "in reserve" an injection that breaks fever if it climbs too high and is life-threatening if the IV doesn't work. His doctor only wanted to do that as a last resort, but it was done, as his 105.8 fever continued to climb. But after this shot, there's nothing else, he's flying solo now on only the Baytril (very powerful antibiotic). This might keep the blood infection at bay, but leukemia is a viretic attacker, and each kitty responds differently. Baytril is only a bandaid.
It was great to hear the neighbors say "Freddie's home! Freddie's home!" and the little kids running over. He played lightly in the grassy knoll he loves, and then curled up in Eric's lap in the sun. He also ate and drank a lot of water --we were hoping he'd drink more -- and then was so excited over himself he promptly fell asleep 'round the clock to this morning. We are watching him every minute and I HATED to go to work, but Eric is home. QUESTION:: does anyone have any tricks for making a kitty WANT to drink water?? He needs much more and 1x day is not nearly good.
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So sorry to hear about your Freddie. It is such a shame and he is so young. You are doing everything you can for him. My heart goes out to you.
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Nora, do you know of any way to get a cat to drink more?? I've heard that a tiny bit of Gatorade in the water is good????
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I'm a first time cat owner, so I don't know a lot. However, I sometimes put ice cubes in Max's water and he really seems to like it. Do you think a little skim milk watered down would hurt him? I really don't know, just throwing things out there.
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gosh, I don't know either, thanx for writing back so soon, I am so grateful. If you don't mind, I'll ask our moderator-person, perhaps she knows. I know she's been very kind to me while my heart is breaking and although milk tends to create some diarhhea, I don't know how to get him to drink more water.
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Getting cats to drink more can be tricky.
You can give a cat pedialite, but they usually don't like the taste of it. You can offer them some milk made specially for cats,or you can give them some Lactaid from the grocery store. It's lactose free, which is usually what gives them an upset stomach.
The 2 easiest ways to get them get more water is feeding some wet food, the water content is high, and most cats like running water and fountains work REALLY well
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My old dear cat Toby loved running water...any drip, drizzel, pouring faucet would do...hope it helps, and good luck with your little guy
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Oh gosh, my heart goes out to you!! I know what it is like to have a sick pet, as I have had a multitude of pets over the years! As far as getting more fluids into your kitty, you might add some water or a bit of broth to any food that you think he might eat! My kitty, when she is sick, will eat chicken broth, sometimes. So, maybe that would work for your kitty. If your kitty likes milk, still, then the Lactaide Milk idea from poster, Sandie, may well be your answer for now!
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