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my cat doesn't stop bringing dead animals in! Why?

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Almost every 2nd day, my cat brings something dead inside. He always feels proud of it too. Always meows very loudly and trys to attract my attention and show me what he's done. But it makes me feel very guilty and sad about what he's doing in a way, but apart from that, the major point is that theres blood all over the floor and, this is quite disgusting for you people who get put off, he cuts a rats head off, leaves it next to the door, eats half the rat, and leaves it there. Then the next hour he comes and calls us. Its extremly annoying as I have to put up with cleaning this type of mess up many times, and is very revolting. I can take a picture one day of how he leaves this mess, but I'm sure 99% of you will probably vomit

What should I do? Imean, if he didnt kill the rats then I understand that there'll be a lot of them roaming around, and I know its a cats natural instict, but my previous cats never used to do this my cats way. They wouldn't eat them either.. They'd just leave them outside.
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She is bringing you presents!!!
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Well you could keep your cat inside only, that would stop the problem. When she does bring in a trophy, don't make a fuss, don't say a word, don't grumble, just silently clean up the carnage. Don't pet her, just silently dissaprove of what she is doing (which is by the way her instinct to do) Then a few hours later, start paying attention to her again. Also keep her dewormed through medicine from your vet as well as keep Advantage or Frontline on her for she can catch some nasty stuff from hunting rats. Just hope that in the middle of the night, you don't step on one of her trophies barefoot! EWWWWWW!
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I read somewhere that our cats see us not only as a parent but also a a child to be taken care of. I think that cats have an instinctual need to provide for their family, people or cats. This is just your cats way of helping with the grocery shopping. I know its frustrating but, don't scold them for doing what tens of thousands of years of evolution has created. This is the price we pay for having them in our homes. Remember, cats were only domesticated a couple thousand years ago. Good luck
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Do you have a cat door that allows him to go in and out without your help? If not, you might want to screen him before you let him in and never allow him to bring it in the house in the first place. If so, can you close up the door for a while and force him to ask to come in? A friend of mine actually broke hers of this habit by screening each time - the cat gave up and left her trophies behind in the yard.
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Yeah I have a little cat door that my cat gets through to get inside/outside, and he doesn't need help for it. Once I tried locking him inside at night but he wakes me up for me to open the door and I just can't sleep I'll have to not give him any attention after he's killed something like you said hissy. I hope it works Thanks for the help guys!
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