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Helping Paws has become part of a major rescue - we have taken twenty turkish angoras and they will be ready for placement once they have been given their medical care, altered and nursed back to health. They are all young cats as we had to pick the most placeable of the 80 that were there! Yes, I said 80. 10 had to be euthanized because they were so ill, we placed 6 before the volunteers left the house and, unfortunately, the state has taken the rest of them as we had nowhere to put them. But we need to concentrate on these twenty beautiful cats we did rescue. Anyone in my area who is interested in a purebred Turkish Angora should contact me as the adoption fee for these cats is only the price of their vet care - all of them will be revolutioned, altered and given their shots as well as leukemia and aids tested. I also have some LaPerms, and some Siamese cross kittens (check them out on my website -

Not to mention the others.....

It must be summer.