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Need Help W\ Wendy

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Hello Everyone Wendy has been acting weird latley at night and sometimes during the day she scratches her ear alot and always shaking her head and she gets very mean and crazy last night dhe was on my bed and my bf was petting her and she atttacked him and then i sat down and went to go pet her and out of no where she grabed my hand and started bitting me hard and scratched my arm up im calling today to make an appointment w\\ the vet to see if she has ear mite or something and to get her nails cut
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You are doing the right thing by bringing her to the vet for assessment. It could be mites, an ear infection or any number of things. If she is scratching frantically, she is in discomfort and could be lashing out at you and your bf because she is uncomfortable.

Let us know what the vet says!
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This seems to be a health issue, so I'll move it there for you.
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If you look inside of her ears and see dark splotches, that is dried blood caused by an infestation of ear mites. When you are petting here, if you rub her ears and she has mites, this causes the mites to go a bit crazy and they start biting her, which in turn can make a cat nuts. I read somewhere one time where this man volunteered to have earmites (from cats) placed in his ears! He said he about went nuts with the pain because everytime he rubbed his ears, he *disturbed* them and they bit him. I can't say I would ever be that dedicated to volunteer to do that! The mites get in and start quite deep in the canal. Your vet will do a complete cleansing and give you some medicine. Also, keep Advantage or frontline on her as well- just not in her ears!
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Amber had a bacterial infection and she would scratch at her ears and shake her head a lot. I did a weeks worth of antibiotics but towards the end it started to leak out after I put it in her ears and she would lick it off. I think I stopped a day or two before I was supposed to, because she was getting sick from ingesting it. She still tries to scratch inside her ears but I think its normal.
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