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Midnight(my angel)

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Midnight met me one evening when the children were asleep in bed. I was having problems with my husband and we were separated. I was out on the porch looking at the full moon pondering my life. While I was sitting there I began to cry. My life was so stressful trying to make ends meet on my small income but we were getting by. I felt something brush by my legs and screamed. I looked down to see a pair of green eyes looking at me. After some time I realized that it was a cat. He was soooooooo beautiful. He was all black and I guess since it was nightime that is why I couldn't see anything but his green eyes. I started petting him and he didn't shy away just kept on rubbing my legs and purring. He let me pick him up and I set him in my lap. He fell asleep and it was the most beautiful feeling I just sat there for a while until my legs ached and he woke up as if knowing that I was getting tired. I went inside and got a can of tuna and fed him. I wasn't sure if he was a neighbors cat or if he was abandoned because he seemed too loving to be ferrel. I left the food on the porch and closed the gate and wondered if he would be there in the morning. It was the first night I slept soundly in months. In the morning I woke up more refreshed than I had felt in a very long time. I went outside to see if the cat was there and he jumped off of the chair I had been sitting on and ran right in the front door and jumped up on the couch.
My children woke and were thrilled to see this pretty black cat. I told them he showed up last night and we would try and see if he had an owner that day. To make a long story short after much searching her origanal owner was never found. We took him to the vet, made sure he had his shots and was spayed and named him midnight. He was the most loving, gentle, and kind soul I had ever come across. He always knew when I was sad and lonely and got me through one of the toughest times in my life. When my husband and I reunited he disappeared for three days. He came back Halloween night and took off again later that evening. The following morning my neighbor knocked on my door and let me know that our loving midnight had been hit by a car. I was devistated. I cried uncontrollably. On November 1, 2003 it will be two years since Midnight has been gone. We have three other cats now. But, without the love Midnight had shown me in my most trying time I am not sure I could have opened my heart to be able to love my three kitties. He, for sure was an sent from heaven and I am now glad he is on the other side of the rainbow bridge waiting for me.
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I'm sorry abt Midnight..
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How lovely . Midnight sounds so special, I'm glad you had the chance to know each other and am so sorry he's gone
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That's a very touching story. I'm glad you and Midnight had that time together. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. He is resting now, and you know that.
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What a beautiful tribute!!! Midnight sounds like he was really special and wonderful, and I'm so sorry you lost him!
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So sorry about Midnight!

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The problem with owning cats, is that we always seem to outlast them. Midnight sounds like he was very intuitive to your moods. I am glad you shared your lives together.
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Beautiful tribute to Midnight. Sorry about what happened to him.

He's at the Rainbow Bridge now waiting for you there, watching over you and your family. He seemed a very intuitive to you. He was there when you needed him as though he was 'sent' to you in your moment of need. An 'Angel' some would say.

Take care.
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Thanks for sharing your very touching story.
Midnight sounds like a very special cat that was sent to you in your time of need.

I'm sure he is still watching over you.
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((HUGS)) So sorry for your loss.
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Thank you all for the beautiful replys to my midnight post. I read them to my daughter and we both started crying. She decided to put some flowers on the grave we have for midnight, next to the angel statue we have on it for him. Thank you again, it has helped greatly.
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