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Fascination with water

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Lately I've noticed that my kittens (6 mos. old now) enjoy climbing on top of the laundry tub and try all sorts of body contortions to get a few licks of water from a trickling faucet. They also enjoy watching the washer water trickling from the hose into the tub during a wash cycle and like to jump into the washing machine, dryer, and laundry baskets. They are becoming extremely annoying when I have to wash and dry clothes. I just taught Lucy to lap up water from my cupped hand. Is this normal behavior for cats? Should I try giving them a bath in the laundry tub?
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Yup! Perfectly normal. Running=fresh water. Mine love the faucet.

There are even fountains they sell to provide running water (I have the PetMate one). Just do a search on this forum and you'll pull up all kinds of good replies for similar questions. I laughed my head off at some of the antics described!!

OTOH, bathing them...
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LOLOL! This is how I start my day. The alarm goes up and only when the alarm goes off do my babies say Good Morning to me (it took forever to train them to do that....lol...especially my Maine Coon, who is a big talker). I get up and walk into the bathroom and turn the sink faucett on for Baubles to get her morning drink, and the bathtub faucet on for Mocha, who gets his morning play and then wets his paws and cleans himself with the wet paws.....

I get home, and we have the same routine going when I go to get changed from work....

And on weekends, it's "Katie bar the door" because they try to get mama to turn on the water all the time.

Oh yes, one more thing, I have dual sinks in my bathroom and one sink is for mommy and one is for the furrkids....they will drink out of their bowl if they have to, but the sink is much more fun! <wink>

Now we have our new addition, Max....have been waiting to see if he's going to jump on the bandwagon...

Now let me ask you...Who has who trained?????
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Yeah,I have a few that want me to turn the faucet on for them so they can get a drink.
My latest nosy kitty that I just rescued(along with his sis is soooo nosy,he's about 5 months old.Every time I take a bath he will jump up on the side of the tub,even when the water is running and watch it.Well,a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the tub and was sitting up a little from the back.He kapt jumping up on the side and then jumping back down.Well,he must have seen the water moving behind me and decided to go after it or something cause next thing I know there is a little white kitty behind me in the tub scrambling to get out.He jumped outta there so fast.LOL.I started laughing and my b/f asked me what was it and all I could get out of my mouth was "come here" well,as soon as he walked in there he knew why I was laughing.There was my kitty sitting there in the floor,soaked to the bone and licking himself like crazy.LOL.
Kitties are always good for some entertainment.

I also have a pet fountain.It's the cool flow petmate one.My cats LOVE it.I have to fill it up twice a day cause I've got 8 cats drinking from it.
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My old cat Toby was obsessed with running water -- crazy for it.
In the morning I always refill the bird bath outside...in the winter I pour water in from a jug, in the summer I fill it with the hose pipe (also water pots of flowers). Whatever the weather Toby would be mad-keen to come out with me and lap the water as I poured it in. He'd wait by the back door for me until I was ready. Eventually we got him one of those water fountain things that keep circulating water so that it constantly pours from a spout into the bowl -- he just loved it.

His brother Lucky has no interested in running water. He's oblivious to the water fountain...in fact I always know when he's been drinking as his head is wet. He just sticks his face right in, doesn't eevn notice it running over his head at all !
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LOL!! Thanks for your humorous responses. I'll have to invest in one of those water faucet things, because this morning the kittens wouldn't leave my sink alone and I was late for an appointment. The prices for cat toys and furniture! Here's a funny pic of Cindy claiming *her* washing machine:
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That is a great pic. It reminds me of my kitties,only they prefer the dryer.My black kitty(Pepper)in particular,will get on the dryer and sleep EVERY time I dry clothes.
If I try to stand in front of the washer and dryer to fold my clothes,I have 6 cats(would have 8,but the other 2 aren't big enough to jump up there,but they just get IN the dryer with the dry clothes)jump up on the washer and dryer meowing at me to pet them and then some of them decide to lay on my freshly dried clothes.I will be about to add a folded shirt to my pile and I will have to move a cat off of the pile so I can put the other shirt on top.LOL.
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