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Curmudgeonly Kitten

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Hi all. My seven-month-old kitten Sophie is usually good natured and playful with the other members of her family (mom Mina and brother Therblig). However, ever since Mina returned from a visit to the vet's office for an ultrasound yesterday, things have been a little odd.

When Mina got back, she hissed a bit at her kittens a tad aggressively, but then calmed down. But it's Sophie who has been acting annoyed with and wary of not only Mina, but Therblig too.

Now I understand why Sophie might have been freaked out by Mina, since mom probably smelled strange -- like the vet's office and maybe even the ultrasound gel. (Sophie was fine when I took Mina to the vet last week.) But what's Sophie got against Therblig? She keeps clawing and getting into hissing matches whenever one of the others get close, then ends up growling under the bed.

Of course, she acts perfectly friendly and loving to me. She's a regular little suck up!

Anyway, how can I help her calm down a bit? (I already use the Feliway plug-in, btw.) Is it normal for everyone to take a few days and reacclimate themselves to one another? Should I just relax and treat Sophie with extra affection?

Below is a picture of Sophie (left) and Therblig (right) in more companionable times...

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Absolutely.... just relax , they will settle in again!
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Thanks, Helen! Sophie is acting a little better now.

I'm just paranoid for some reason. I've had cats for twenty years, but these three are the first new ones I've lived with since 1988 or so. I'm so used to the quirks and habits of my previous cats that when Mina, Sophie and Therblig do something I don't recognize, it seems strange, mysterious and worrying to me.

I'm just afraid of screwing them up somehow.
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