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My daughters Rottie and my Malamute got in another fight tonight. Both of them will have to go to the vet in the morning to have their wounds cleaned and start on antibotics. I called the vet after I broke up the fight once again

It started this time because the Grandchildren was in the back yard, I think both dogs are just jealous of one another, Scared the girls to death with these 100 lbs dogs fighting right at them Thankfully none of the kids were hurt but the dogs really tore each other up this time. Nemo(my Malamute) has a deep puncture in his front leg right about where his wrist would be. Zues(my daughters Rottie) has several deep punture wounds in his shoulder and head area that will need to be cleaned. God that is all I need to have to worry about whether they will get a serious infection now

Sorry for the Witchin session but I justed needed to vent a little.
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Man...that bites! sorry for the pun!

Is there any way you can keep them apart? It sounds so dangerous..not only to themselves but to you and your grandbabies. I'd hate to see what could happen if your grandkids got in the mix of their fights.
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My daughter has gone to the local Walmart right now to try and find a chain that will hold her Rottie so we can keep them seperated. I can't keep breaking these dogs up.

It makes me hurt all over when I pull them apart I know, I know.. I should not do that but that is the only thing I can think of when it is going on.
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Could you get a dog whistle or a loud horn (like they use at a football game)? Well...maybe thats not a good idea. It might startle them & get them even more riled up. God I would hate to think of them turning on you because of the sound.

Maybe when you go to the Vet tomorrow you could ask them whats the best thing to do in that situation? The Chain is a good idea...but a Rottie is pretty dang strong so he might break the chain.
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Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to find another loving home for one of the dogs.
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Originally posted by hissy
Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to find another loving home for one of the dogs.
MA I am beginning to think that very thing. I really do not want my Nemo to go though. I will talk to my daughter and see what she thinks. I know that she loves her dog as much as I love mine, so we may just have to compromise and just keep them seperated.
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That sounds like some pretty vicious fighting. We only ever had one dog at a time so I cant offer any advice except to see what the vet says.
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Sometimes, two dogs just can't get along. Being they are pack animals, it is possible that they both want to be top dog. The stress they must be under when they are in each other's company must be immense. And the stress you must be under must also be pegged off the meter. Plus, there is going to be quite soon a dog fight to end all dog fights between them. The results will not be pretty, and will probably leave you with a huge vet bill. I would strongly urge that you talk to your daughter and explain to her that one of the animals needs to go. I am sorry to be so blunt, but someone has to explain what is waiting for these two dogs if something is not done and quickly.

I am so sorry-
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It's too bad they don't have something like Feliway for dogs...
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I have 2 great big dogs and they are as close as best friends and NEVER fight but our neighbour has a rottie and it trys to attack our dogs through the fence- You can see me early in the morning & late night yelling abuse at the neighbours I swear their rottie("Sasha") isn't allowed inside.. It's always outide and yesterday my dogs were so upset that I could have gone over and beaten that dog to pulp.. But I am of course an animal lover! , My dogs only go out when i'm playing fetch with them or if they need a toilet break- but 5 , 10 minutes is enough for Sasha to provoke Jazz & Soul they will be busy pulling out weeds when sasha will start growling and throwing her against the strong fence(thank god for the strong bit), the only damage that has been done is a few pot plants smashed. Sorry about the rant.


I'm not sure of your living arrangements, So I don't feel it's my place to say give a dog away but if it's possible to keep them apart?? Also if you are living with a few people it must be stressful, going out breaking up dog fights especially with children around.
I don't really know how to offer advice.

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I agree with Hissy,
Please for the safety of you and your family have a talk with your daughter.
I could type pages about this subject, but bottom line this is an extremely dangerous situation.
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Cathi, did the chain work? Just curious how things are going between the two dogs.
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Originally posted by Shell
Cathi, did the chain work? Just curious how things are going between the two dogs.
So far so good. They both seem to miss each other though go fiqure! The vet said that Nemo will be fine his leg wasn't broken but he and Zues will both have to be on antibotic for a few days until their wounds heal. At least I know that Nemo is not trying to walk around on a broken leg,that is a big weight off of my shoulders. Now if I can just get me to stop hurting from pulling them apart
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hey sis you have been told by the whole family to use a water hose to break them up maybe next time (if any) you will listen Love Big Bubba
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