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Posting Quotes

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Could someone please tell me how I insert a Quote, without the word quote showing up on the message.
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hmmm... not sure what you're trying to get. Do you want the lines to show, but not the word "quote"?

By the way, I'm moving this to the feedback area, where we usually discuss forum technicalities.
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I'm trying to get the Quote with the lines showing but not the word Quote showing. Is that possible?
Or do I just type my quote, manually?
Hope I'm making sense here.
Sorry for putting this in the wrong thread. Still new at this.
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The quote effect is constructed of the lines and the word "quote" together. It is in what is called VB code, which is a code designed for this type of forums.

To create the effect, you can manually write <quote> at the beginning of the quote and then </quote> (slash-quote) at the end. The important thing to do is write them both in square brackets. You can read more about VB code in this thread:

In the old version of the forums, you had to know VB code to create any effect such as color change etc. Now, most of the stuff is in the VB code panel in the posting page.

I don't know of a way of seperating the lines from the word "quote".... Sorry
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Thanks Anne:
I'll get the hang of this yet!
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