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Florida Members...check this out

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I don't know if this thread belongs in the Cat Lounge, but THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!

Florida residents now have the opportunity to help promote spay/neuter by signing a petition to create a "Florida Plate for Paws." This needs 15,000 signatures for approval of the new license plate, but the additional $25 fee for this plate IN ADDITION to the regular state license tag fee will go to local animal welfare organizations to support their spay/neuter programs.

If you are a Florida resident, please submit your support!

Florida Plate for Paws!
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We just went through this process in Kentucky. They finally received enough signatures and pre-orders to make the plates. I have one of the first Spay and Neuter license plates in the state! Yippee!

Okay all you Floridians...sign that petition! Don't let Kentucky out do you!
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I want PA to start one! Great news for Flordians.
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Florida, home of a thousand license plate options, may be getting one more.....with resident support.

Check out this email I received:

The Florida Plate for Paws group is asking you to help establish a new specialty license plate that will raise money to support statewide spay and neuter programs and provide spay and neuter education to help stop Florida's tragic pet overpopulation problem. Read all about it at www.floridaplateforpaws.com

You are not being asked to buy anything, but only to state your support for establishing the Florida Animal Friend license plate. Your participation in this survey will help make this special license plate a reality. 15,000 supporters are needed in order to advance the plate to the Florida legislature for approval.

Please click on the highlighted link below to complete a simple 8-questions survey. We gratefully appreciate your support!

Sponsored by Florida Voices for Animals
Plate for Paws
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Too bad I live in Georgia, that is one of the better novelty plates that I have seen. I would definitely get one if they offered something like that here. I hope they are able to meet the requirements.
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Hi Deb,

Thanks a lot for this information! I live in Florida so this is perfect. What a great way to support the programs! Again, thanks, I've signed up as a supporter.
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Thanks for the link! I will definatly sign up
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Merged your thread with one I had started a few days ago.
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Thanks Deb...
I took the survey, and sent it to my mother-in-law. I really hope this plate will come out!
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Sandie has one on her car...

It's her Icon. CT has had it for a while.
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