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Drooling cat?

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Im considering adopting a cat I fell in love with tonight. Im thinking about it over night and will decide tomorrow. I need a little info on him first though, and what I should plan for to make it the best transition possible

First, he is the SWEETEST cat I think Ive encountered so far. Funny thing is that he strongly resembles the 2 cats I already have, which is mainly white bi-color with a tabby pattern thrown in a bit. Kind of like Mariannes Trips

Anyway, while petting him tonight (he is such a little lover boy ) he was rubbing his face all over my hands and I noticed he kept getting it wet but not just from licking. I suspected it was drooling, because little droplets of waterish stuff kept getting on my hands and shirt. I dont think it was from his nose, but Im not 100% sure. He looked pretty healthy otherwise... Just a tad on the skinny side.

Also, he is coming from a pretty trusted shelter. The same one I got Morgan and Abby from. From what I know (but I can doublecheck) there isnt anything going around there right now and hes had his mandatory vet check. He tested ok on everything so should I still bring him to the vet for a visit before I bring him home? Is that overkill or a pretty standard and good idea? I can understand strays or cats youre not sure about that you would want to have a vet check first before bringing them around your other cats.. but Im just not sure about ones that came from a shelter and have been checked recently.

Im so tempted to go get him right now He was just the sweetest cat, as much as Morgan, possibly more. He will be perfect in our home. I just have to think overnight about it and check a few things with you guys first before I decide. Dont want to make any rash decisions
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In this case, A visit to the vet before coming home would be a good idea. I say this because there are other cats at home. Even after a vet check up, I would keep them seperated for a few weeks. Even if a cat doesn't show symptoms of a virus, they could be a carrier.
The drooling could be a number of things such as a virus, or dental problems. I have also seen cats drool when content, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
A good vet check while you are there will also make you feel much better
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As Sandie said, the drooling could be from a virus or dental problems, but my friend does have a cat who drools when she's happy. I've never personally seen her do it, but he tells me when she's in the mood for a good pet and is all cozy, she drools out the side of her mouth.
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I too have a little cat that drools when she is happy. she has always done this even when a baby-she is now 17. I did have her teeth checked and everything but no, she is fine and just drools. Not all the time only when she feels exceptionally content.
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One of my cats drools when happy - drip drip drip - purr purr!
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Our first cat drooled when she was happy and getting pet.
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