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Do all cats always have them? Ive had my 2 about 2 months now and have yet to see a hairball or much of a gagging act suggesting one. My cats are DSHs so dont they get them? Abby does more of the cleaning between the 2 and I only saw her hacking one time, but no hairball. Is this dangerous? I read on a different post somewhere about intestinal blockages if they dont have them. Yikes! Should I be supplementing with something to encourage hairballs to come up and out? If so, what works best?

Also, Im considering adopting a DMH possibly this weekend so Id like to learn about him too. Will he be more likely to have hairballs with a slightly longer coat? And if my other cats clean him, will they get hairballs from his longer hair?
Thanks in advance
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Not all kittys get hairballs. Most of the time any excess hair is passed when going to the bathroom. Usually if you feed them a good quality diet and keep them brushed, the chances of them having problems with hairballs is much less. keep in mind, over a lifetime most cats will have a few
The length of the hair really doesn't make a difference. If a cat grooms themselves alot, and there's lots of excess hair they will swallow too much.
I have always fed my cats food formulated with the omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, and also give them the same suppliment once a week and I rarely have a someone throw up a hairball.
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MamaKat I was also wondering about this myself. we've had amber a year now and no hairballs. Also I like medium hairs and wondered about them too.
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Another way to help prevent hairballs is to brush your kitty often. This removes the loose hair and keeps it from being swallowed in the first place.
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Gotcha, DL So my goal should be to try and avoid hairballs then? They arent necessarily important to have? They wont be a safety issue if they arent having them? Because so far so good then, no hairballs here
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