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Hurricane pics!

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I am soooooo upset!!!!! I took pics of the hurricane Isabelle & what my neighborhood looked like afterwards... When I went to pick the pics up after being developed, I found out that the WHOLE roll of pics were BLANK! Obviously, my camera must've broken down!!


I have no pics of hurricane Isabelle to show like I had promised some of u guys.. I'm sorry!! My family will be sooo disappointed also!
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Hey at least you survived it, how did Callie weather it?
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Oh I'm so sorry you didn't get your pictures. That happened to me before. 26 years ago I took pictures of my new baby while I was still in the hospital with him and when I developed them, they were all blank. It made me ill and still upsets me when I think about it 26 years later! It was my first baby too.
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It's ok , the most important thing is that you are ok and not the pics
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Hey, I DID find a FEW pics of the hurricane- I had 3 rolls of pictures taken - one was mainly of cats the 2nd one was DURING the hurricane and didn't turn out too good and had a FEW of "after hurricane" and the 3rd one was mainly of what my neighborhood looked like after the hurricane hit and that's the one that turned out blank. I am currently scanning pics so soon I'll post some "pics" of the hurricane damages.. These are only a FEW of many that I had taken and only showed a fraction of the damage/mess the hurricane left.

Hissy, to answer ur question, Callie was a total DUMB cat but luckily survived- the only damage was to MY heart as I watched her fight the hurricane!!! I updated what happened with Callie in the feral colonies thread so ck it out at this address-

I will post pics soon so ck back soon.
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GRR.. Have not figured out how to downsize the size of pics using my laptop so it looks like I have to do it tmr at work when noone is looking! will post pics tmr at work.
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HOPE these pics works and aren't too small... The first 2 pics are "before" the hurricane..In the first pic, take notice of how CLEAN the deck is.. Also, notice that it was "sunny". This was taken a couple hours before the hurricane hit on Thursday afternoon.

I also wanted to THANK Sylent Rayne for giving me advice on how to downsize the pictures. THANKS!!!
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2nd pic - BEGINNING of the hurricane. U can see how wet the deck was, how gloomy, and how many things started falling onto my deck..This was taken around 4 so it should've been still bright but due to the hurricane, it became very gloomy. I couldn't see the sky- it was all dark gray..
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Some pics of branches/twigs on my deck in the first couple hours of the hurricane.. There were a lot more twigs/branches/stuff on my deck at the end but no pics of THAT was developed!
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a better pic-as u can see, some of the branches were pretty big. I had to drag that one away from the window when it fell cuz I was afraid that it'd roll into my window due to the gusts of wind. Luckily, I wasn't hit by anything when I went outside to drag it away during the hurricane- just took a "1 min shower" outside! LOL..
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2 big trees fell into another yard= that's about 2 houses away from me... the trees missed my neighbor's house by a few feet!
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Callie, Callie, Callie...!

I'm glad shes ok though. I wonder what it would have been like if it hit FULL force?? No, I dont need to wonder...that was some pretty awesome damage as it was!

glad everyone made it.
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Here's a pic of my feral cat Callie at the BEGINNING of the hurricane! See how CALMLY she was relaxing on my welcome mat!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her keep coming to my door or windows during the hurricane! I was told by many people that generally ferals are smart and would find a hiding place during these kind of storms. Guess this shows that Callie doesn't have common sense!

It broke my heart seeing her fight her way to my door or windows just to huddle in front of the door/window staring at me pitifully! I opened my door to her but she kept taking off!

LUCKILY, she came thru unharmed!!
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I hope you don't mind me asking, but where in Maryland are you? I grew up in Columbia, and Dad is still there. He told me that they didn't get hit too bad in his neighborhood, but less than a mile down the road there were trees and powerlines down all over the roads. Also, I saw pictures of Baltimore's Fell's Point-I used to spend a lot of time in the places that were feet under water

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Pic of Callie AFTER the hurricane AFTER I had cleared the deck of all branches/twigs..
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I live in Cheverly which is sandwiched between Potamac River & Chepasake Bay- only 10-15 min away from DC.

Electricity went off Thurs afternoon and didn't come back on till sat nite.

My neighborhood was hit pretty bad but no BIG damages to the houses- just one roof which was hit by a tree.. Almost every house on my street had trees that were either fallen, missing branches or listing to the side.
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Cheverly-Cool! I was born there (PG County General Hospital-right?)
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Callie is so pretty too
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Pamela so glad you and the cats are okay- that's some bad damage isn't it!

The main thing is your okay!
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WellingtonCats, Hissy, rfox, PurrfectCatlove,okeefecl and many other TCS members- Thanks for all the positive comments AND for caring! U all are SWEETHEARTS!! I am soo glad that I found this website and became a member and got to know some of u more.. I am looking forward to many years with u all!

To answer ur question, okeefecl, yeah that's where PG County General Hospital is! My home is about 5 min away from the hospital.
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