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New to TCS

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Hi there,


Just found this forum! Been reading through the posts, some great info here.


I am pleased to introduce my three cats, all rescue:


Tinker Bell, a 6 year old Himalayan. Pictured just after we rescued her, showing her bad hair cut! Rescued Apr 13/2013.



Izzy, a 4.5 year old Himalayan/Ragdoll mix, enjoying the window perch (supervised). Rescued April 13/2013.


Miko, 2.5 year old Ragdoll/ally cat. Here she is NOT liking the snow! We have had Miko since she was a 10 week old kitten.


All our girls are spayed and getting along great. They are only allowed out in the fenced yard under supervision. We are planning to build an outdoor cat pen (dog/racoon proof) so they can enjoy the outdoors anytime. I will post pictures during construction.





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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi there welcome along to TCS :)


You cats are gorgeous! :D

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