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wondering what happened?

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My 6 month old kitten loves to go outside and chase bugs. He usually doesn't go far. And as soon as I call for his name, I will hear his bells coming back to the house

This morning after I let him back in, I realized that he lost his collar and tag (one of those safe collar that will snap off under pressure). He also uncharacteristically not rushing out of the door when I go in and out. I wonder if something attacked him?
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Either he was attacked or he got it cought on something. Thank goodness it was a breakaway collar or else he could be dead!
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It's possible the kitten lost his collar because he had become caught on something outside. If you haven't already done this, check him over for bites, scratches and any areas that are painful to the touch. Did the kitten seem traumatized when he came back inside?

Also, you might want to consider either buying or making an outdoor cat enclosure for the kitten's safety and your own peace of mind. One of the other members recently posted some pictures of a very nice enclosure that was built by her husband. Here's a link to her thread.
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