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Warning Awful Story!

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Read at your risk. THis happened in the city I live in. I'm just so angry reading this and had to vent.
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Omg I swear I nearly dented a whole in the computer screen! HOW COULD SOMEONE DO THAT?????????????????????????????????

This is just sick, I wanna carve him and see how he likes it!OMG!!!!!!!!!!

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No words just tears for the suffering cats
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they should fry him!!!
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Originally posted by sharper16
Read at your risk. THis happened in the city I live in. I'm just so angry reading this and had to vent.
Well, hopefully he will get the max sentence which according the article is 30 years. I'm sure someone in prison will find out what he did. People in prison do not take kindly to people who abuse children or animals!
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OMG!!That really pi$$es me off.I aways say that you can mess with me all you like,but DO NOT mess with my cats.If someone done that to my cats,I would probably be sittin' in prison cause I would kill the S.O.B.
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People like that should be punished for their hatred. He'll get the ultimate punishment in the end.

How can he justify that?

I hope he gets the max.

The only innocents here are the cats. May they have only goodness on the Rainbow Bridge.

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...*can not find the words*...

Those poor babies...
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That story is just terrible. I wonder how people can be so heartless and harm innocent animals.
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What a lame excuse , he would not do it again if given a secont change . I don't belive this SOB a bit . He is sick in his mind and need to be lucked up for ever .Maybe somebody in jail can carv his leg there a little to see how it is . How much most have the cats suffered
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that boy should go to prison. obviously theres a screw loose, and maybe he'll learn some manners.

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Originally posted by Princess Purr
they should fry him!!!
I agree!

How awful to do that to innocent animals!!! That just makes me sick! Ugh! And that poor woman, coming home to that!

I still am not clear on WHY he did that! Just cuz she wasn't home when he went to see her???? That's what I got from it! I swear, if I had him here, I'd shoot him, and dignity and following the law be hanged.
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OMG that is sick!
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Another example of why you should never let your kitties outside unsupervised.
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thats awful omg that man.... well i'm not going to say want i would do to him
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Originally posted by candee
thats awful omg that man.... well i'm not going to say want i would do to him

that just makes me cry that ppl will do that kinda thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:censor::censor::censor: IS WRONG WITH PPL?????????????????

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That's Horrid, I can't even imagine
how he could do that to the poor

It's just sick!!!!
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the poor cats....that big meannie!!!
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Why the cats???? What did they do to him???? I think he's crazy and should never be let out of jail. If he did that to my cat I wouldn't be able to control myself, even though I know I wouldn't be able to do anything since I'm only 13.
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Yeah im only 13 too.But we can still suport and stuff!
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Had I come home and found that person in my house doing that to my cats, let me just say, there would have been NO trial for him, because he would have been no more. I would have been the one going to trial. Let me just say, and this is MHO, but if I could, I wouldn't put these people in jail, oh no, they would get the ultimate punishment. They do not even deserve the right to live in jail wasting my tax dollors for their pathetic life. This may sound harsh, but I do not care. These people that do this kind of horrible act on animals will eventually do it to a person. As for "reason of insanity", that makes me sick too. That should not even be allowed in court. I say, ok, if you claim you did it out of insanity, then lets lock your sorry A** up in an institution for the rest of your life.
Pooky, it is good to see someone as young as you, that will not tolerate this kind of abuse on animals Yes, you are only 13, but YOU will be the future and we need caring people like you in this world
My heart goes out to those poor kitties that suffered.
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Russian_blue_kitten, soory I left your name out, I meant to include you too. I am very happy with the both of you, the you realize this kind of treament of animals, not just cats, but ALL animals is very very wrong!
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oh this was just let me have a stab at that weird sick twisted unhuman person..these stories just sicken me.i will an cannot understand how anyone could hurt an animal..animals an kids i can't understand it
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What is wrong with people?

I hate to point this part out but I think his possible sentence is so long because he attacked people as well as the cats.

He didn't meant to kill does that mean he meant to harm the cats???

I'm disgusted. I'm going to take a short break and spend some quality time with my cats and fish.
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I can't believe people can be so cruel. He's not only cruel and inhuman but a total coward, he'd have to be to inflict such pain on defenseless animals. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key!
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