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I was wondering....

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Since I'm an absolute idiot when it comes to computers and anything to do with them.... (I can turn it on and off properly.. and I am able to surf the web and post on forums *cheers*) I was wandering..

Could anyone possibly teach me how to post pictures? I'd like to get a picture of my babies and Craig and I up. Most of all my kittens.

Sorry for my ignorance I would love to have a brain. Maybe if I'm a good girl I'll get one for Christmas one year.

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First of all, do you have a digital camera? or a scanner?
If you already have pictures on your hard drive, go down to the bottom of the reply message box. And click on the browse button.
Just click on the folder and the file where your photos are.
That will insert it into the Browse button window.
I'm not real good at explaining things, so let me know if this helps.
Then click on Submit Reply.
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Well I do have a digital camera. It's loaded with pictures of my babies. They are so cute! My hands and arms and legs look like they've been through a shredder from Jake. Bastion and Drew are pretty good at controlling their claws and being careful not to claw us. I don't think Jake understands how to do that yet *sigh*

So yeah I have a digital camera.. dunno how to get the pictures from the camera to the computer yet *cries* Maybe Craig can show me when he gets home from work.

Thanks for the help Purrfect.. I'll figure this out one year!

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When you figure how to get your photos loaded on your p.c., just follow the directions above.
Good Luck! Can't wait to see your kitty photos.
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I use Adobe for all my picture files, etc. it's free and very user friendly. Just scan your pics and save them there, then click the browse button and click on what you want to post, once you get started you'll see how easy it is!
(and hurry, I wanna see the 3 stooges! :laughing2: )

Glad somebody mentioned this (besides me) because I'm really frustrated with this PC.

When I first joined, my Reply page had a Browse button, and I was able to post pictures, quotes, bold letters, etc. After the computer took a dive on me, the Browse button disappeared and was replaced by a box that reads "Attach file: maximum size: 102400 bytes, valid file extensions: gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg" above this is an emptyt box that USED to say Browse, but now has just a small tab, like a scroll bar, that does Nothing when I click on it.

I tried going to vb settings, etc, but nothing works.
I cant change the fonts, colors, nothing!
At least my Smilies :laughing: :laughing2: still work!

I'm sure its something that was improperly set when the PC was "fixed"... yeah, right. But I cant figure out what it is?
Any Free tech support out there?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...really greatly appreciated! (bowing humbly)

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