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Merlin likes to sleep on top of the dryer after I take the clothes out, I suppose it is all toasty warm....LOL

Q: What is your idea of a romantic evening? (with or without cats present...LOL)
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We must have been posting at the same time, because as soon as I posted my reply to the last question, there was already another!!!! So.....

A: My cat likes to drink out of his water dish

Q: what is your idea of a romantic evening?
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I messed up, but am glad to see I'm not alone. I too answered the question from the bottom of page one so here goes with the next in line.

A: My idea of a romantic evening would be my husband dropping me off at a nice hotel with a pizza and saying becouse I love you so much I'm giving you a night of peace and quiet.

Q: What is it about cats that attracts you?
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A. The fact that they are so independent. They play only when they want to, eat when they want to, want attention when they want it! And some of the different breeds are so beautiful!

Q. If you could be any animal, any breed what would you be & why?
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A: As bad as this sounds, I think I most want and like being a human. Only reason being...we are pretty much at the top of the food chain!!

Q: If you were on Survivor..what would your essential item be?
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A. Hard question to answer..... I would say water. Water is an essential in the wild to keep you from becoming dehydrated. I would have to chose that as a #1 item.

Q. If you were stranded on an island all by yourself, & you could take only 1 personal belonging, what would you take and why?
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A. I would bring my pillow. I cannot live with out it. I even take it on vacation with me when I fly!

Q. What makes your "best friend" the best?
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A. Best friends I consider to be someone that has been there for me through good and bad. That's why I have more than one. More than your own family. That says alot.

B. What is your favorite perfume (aftershave)?
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Donna - I have "lots" of best friends too (besides my fiance). The 4 of us have been joined at the hip since 7th grade (about 11 years ago). Even though we now all live in separate states (VA, OH, PA and OR), we see each other as often as possible. We have even continue a tradition that started when we were 16. One weekend in the summer we go to my friend's grandfather's cottage with no phone, no tv, no boys, and plenty of hotdogs, marshmellows, beer and giggles.

A. I don't use perfume, and neither does anyone who wants to be close to me. I have some strange reaction to most perfume in which I cannot breathe or swallow well.

Q. What is your favorite Olympic winter game to watch? (it is snowing here so I am thinking about skiing)
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A. Figure Skating, without a doubt. We don't have television, and I really prefer it that way, but I do miss watching figure skating!

Q. If I were buying you a house, let's say I gave you $1 million US, where would it be & what would it be like?

Remember, this is hypothetical. I don't even have a miliion dollars. YET!
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A: If you gave me a million bucks, I would build a house (a mansion) right here in Iowa, cause that's where all my family memories are, and I love Iowa....even though it can be a bit dull at times. And I would have a huge kitchen (cause I love to cook) and I would make a special addition for my cats!!! A big playroom!!! (oh,,,and of course it would have to have a fireplace....I love my fireplace &so does Merlin...LOL)

Q: If you could go back to high school....just for awhile, is there anything you would do differently than you did?
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If I could go back to highschool I would a minutes but only if I could go back to highschool in the time I actually went there (80's) and with the people I wnet with!
What would I do doffierently?
Iwould take the subjects I wanted not what they told me I would need to succeed in life. I would have had a whole truck loa more fun than I did! Cause hey facet now that I am28 well established in a career I look back and the stuff I learned there doesn't really count for much!

Q: If someine made you and indecent proposal would you accept?
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A. Heck no! First of all, there is nothing worth losing the respecct of my husband and my own dignity. Secondly, there is nothing that someone could offer that I could not get for myself with a bit of hard work.

Q. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
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A: Oh man, that one's easy for me!!! My favorite guilty pleasure is eating all the foods that I normally avoid, because I try so hard to watch my weight. So my favorite guilty pleasure is eating cheese curls and kit kat bars!!! Which I don't do very often...maybe once every three months, if I'm lucky!!!!

Q: If you could be any age again, what age would it be?
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A: Sixteen. I was Sixteen in 1988
and in grade 11 at school it was
the best year of my life. Before
my Dad got sick and I was dating the most beautiful boy at school (for the second year running!)
and had a really easy year in
school. I made a lot of great
friends that year too. Plus since Richard was in grade 13 that year it was our lastyear in school together! Ahhhhh the memories. :p Yah so 16
it would be.

Q: Who was your favorite Walton
(you know Good night John Boy?)
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Grandpa Walton is my favorite. I loved that show and wished so bad I could run away and become a walton! LOL

Do you really have solitude in a houseful of cats???
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A: No, I never have solitude..however I don't think it's a bad thing. If I wasn't so crowded and busy all the time, I would not know I was alive and well

Q: What is your favorite board game?
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A. Scrabble of course. It stimulates the brain cells (what little I have left) AND gives me something to do at work.

A. If you could bring back one deceased person from your past for only 20 minutes, who would that be and why?
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A: I would bring back my grandfather. He passed away at the beginning of this month. I wish I could tell him how important he was to me and how much he influenced my life and who I am today. I would also like explain why I never called when he was so sick, not because I didn't love him, but because it broke my heart to hear him like that.

Q: If you had all the money in the world, what kind of car would you drive?

(I am asking this because I just found the perfect wedding dress for me, but it was $4,000... and I wouldn't pay that much even if I could)
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Easy.... a brand new Mercedes Benz. Silver or Black. I think those are such classy cars!!

If you could have any job, what job would you have?
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I know how you feel, SWalker. I would bring back my mother because she died when I was 19 and I never got to say goodbye. She was taken out of my house at 2 a.m. in a coma (she was 44).

A. The perfect job to ME would be a newspaper columnist where I would have my own column and talk about cats, animal rescue, etc., just like Rene.

B. I'm stuck for a question, anyone??
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OK, since I'm a guy and most everyone here is a woman, I have to ask this q:

Q: Where is the most exotic place you've made love? ((A beach, the pitchers mound of a baseball diamond in the middle of winter, etc. -examples of my own).
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A: Oh, Meowman, I think you got this thread stuck... this is a family site, you know *giggle* and I'm sorry to say I have no such exotic answer for you... What can I do? I must be dull

Q: If I were to offer you a coke and a diet coke, which would you choose?
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[i] Answer#1: in a public hot tub late at night, in a stopped elevator - well, it was moving at the beginning think i'll stop there.

Answer#2: coke. (never diet, but i do like cherry coke too)
i hate diet anything.

Question: what is your favourite poem, and how do you think its changed you ? what does it say about you ? maybe you could write it out too, when you respond, so we can all read it.


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Sorry about that Anne. I'll refrain from allowing the X-chromozomes from escaping.
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Meowman - How about the Smithsonian in one of the movie theatres - no lie!

My favorite poem is actually one that I wrote - because it makes me remember..


through the pane glass
I watch
the tears
falling from the sky
mourning my loss
i feel the dampness
chill my heart
for you will never come home again.
your smile
that brotherly protection i always hated
is forever gone....
they promise
the dark days will vanish
and i will see the sun once more.
this is true ---
but, i cannot understand
why it had to rain today.

My younger brother Chris died of AIDS when he was only 35 years old - he was the kindest most wonderful person I have ever known and this poem was written in his memory.

I know it seems sad, but I use it to change other people's lives rather than my own. Chris was gay and I share the poem with people who are afraid and don't understand AIDS or homosexuality. Although my life is saving animals, I also try to honor my brother's memory in some small way.

My question: Who is the most important member of your family and why?
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I'd have to say my daughter, Amy. She was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 16. Since the lemon-sized tumor was on her brain stem, she had to learn everything all over again, eating, talking, walking, bathing, EVERYTHING!! Her boyfriend dumped her, her friends abandoned her. Yet through it all, she was so strong and determined to get well. She graduated with her class after missing a year of school (due to chemotherapy). Today she is 25 years old and has been in remission for 8 years. She holds down a job and has her own apartment complete with kitty, Callie. I am SO proud of her. If it were ME that it had happened to, I would've given up totally! Hello, Dr. Kevorkian??
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Rene, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. Your poem is beautiful! donna, I'm glad your daughter is well now, she must be a very brave person to deal with a brain tumor at age 16. By the way, Dr Kevorkian is the name of my gynecologist

Hey Donna, you forgot to post a question! Do you have one or do you want someone else to throw one in?
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Oh Rene, I am so very, very, VERY sorry to hear about your brother. Your poem brought a tear to my eye, and I thank you so much for sharing it with us.
And Donna, your daughter is so very strong, and you are right to be so proud of her..I don't know if I could have went through all she has and came out so well either. She must have such a good kind, strong heart to have come through so much. Thanks for sharing that.

I guess I could post a question.

Q: What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?
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A. The only thing I really want to change about myself is my weight, which I am presently doing.

Q. Are you in love with someone?
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