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This is a cute thread. Mind if a guy jumps in here?

A: I would be a fat friendly Siamese or one of those huge Savannah cats. And my best friend Laura would be my valet because she is as big a cat person as I am and we laugh when we go to restaurants because all the other tables are talking about their kids and we talk about our cats. Not to mention she's really cute and loves a cat in her lap all the time. And she gives treats everytime she goes to the kitchen.

Q: If you could go back in time to see just one concert (or famous world wide movie premier) what would it be and why?
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A: If I could go back in time to see a concert, it would have to be a led zepplin concert....that would have been awesome to see! Or one of the Arrowsmith concerts in their early years.

Q: What is your dream car?
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A. A shiny red BMW convertible.

Q. Who is your favorite President (past or present)
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A: I liked Ronald Reagan....I don't know why, but I just did!

Q: What is your favorite meal?
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A: I am fond of anything that has starch or cheese in it.

Q: If 1000.00 dropped into your lap, what would you do with it?
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A. Hmmmmm....... buy another purebred bengal or maybe something similar. With the leftover money, if I had any, I'd buy a nice cat condo off of a cat web site: one of those really really really nice ones!

Q. What's your favorite candy and why?
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A. Chocolate covered cherries. Because the combination of the two together is just YUMMY!

Q.If you had the chance, would you marry for money or would it have to be love?

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A. I married for love the first time. The second time would be for both!

Q. If you could marry one of your favorite classic movies stars, who would it be and why?
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Austria - beautiful scenery, very chauvenistic men and my family (who lives there) thinks I am the crazy American cat Lady (I have 21 cats - blackjack).

What is your favorite type of cat? - Color, breed, hair?
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A: Munchkins,every color but would like white and would prefer long hair (not persian type!)

Q: How many cats is too many in your oppinion?
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I'm sorry, I answered page 1's question and not page 3 -forgive me but I am new to this forum thing and hope I did not mess up the game.
Too many cats is when you cannot afford to keep up their medical care, keep their area (and your house) clean and give them the attention they require and deserve. We stay at 21 because that's blackjack and you can't go over 21. Everyone has their own number.

What is your favorite bumper sticker?
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I like that reasoning. I have double or nothing. (Do they do that in blackjack?) I did a head count today and 42 cats is what I came up with.

I'm going to pass on that bumper sticker question. I can't think of one right now. Sorry.

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A: Ummm, maybe "honk if you love cats" ? LOL

Q: What is your favorite song?
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My favorite song is anything by the Beatles (so I'm old, what can I say)

My favorite bumper sticker (I have it) says:
Cats humor us because they know their ancestors ate ours!

What age cat do you like to adopt and why?
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A. Any age because cats are WONDERFUL!!

B. If you could be any dress size, what would it be?
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The size that fits me of course, anything else I would have to give away to someone else!

What is your dream man (or woman)?
I actually have mine, he cleans the litter every day.
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A. Your dream man's brother, uncle, cousin, grandfather, nephew or even a next door neighbor right about now. Why?? If they do litterboxes I don't need another reason.

Q. I'm running out of questions, anybody else want to step in here?
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but have been out in the bush in alaska, and that is pretty foreign and cold......

how long has this board been in existence?
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I answered a previous question on another page, and it put it here. I am not used to this forum yet, so excuse my blooper....

Do you have a favorite cat quote? Here's mine: "Most beds sleep up to six cats. ten cats without the owner.." Stephen Baker
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Thread Starter 
Hi hissy and welcome! This site (and the forums went online at the end of October), so we've only just begun!

Back to our little game...

A: "A home without a cat- and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat- may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?" - Mark Twain.

Q: What's your favorite song?
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A: I've been to France, Germany, Kwait (bad Spelling),Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Canada

Q: What State do you live in?
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Oregon, actually.... I am an artist, I do scrimshaw and specialize in people's pets....

Most heartwarming rescue you have performed?
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A. Our rescue organization (Me, Rene and Sandie among others)did a rescue the day after Thanksgiving where 50 cats were found in the middle of a field in a dog cage in sub-degree temperatures. They ranged in age from 8 weeks to 10 months. 4 didn't make it but the rest were placed by Christmas! That was MY most heartwarming rescue. I don't know about Sandie or Rene.

Q. What was the most hearbreaking rescue you've ever done and why?
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A: I am not the recuer, but I will tell you the heartbreaking story. An 11 year old beautiful loving orange and white. Stuck in a basement and had to fight other cats to eat (well she didnt fight, so she didnt eat). Taken in by helping paws only to find out she has failing kidneys. Thought they had a foster home for her to spend the rest of a very short life. She was going to be put into a basement without windows!! Helping Paws still has her, but she needs to have more attention then they can provide at this point. She will even wrap both paws around your neck. The heartbreaking fact is that nobody is willing to give her the love she deserves for the time she has left!

Q: What is the most embarrasing thing you have ever done?
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4 week old black and white female. a$$hole had her out in the middle of a nearby lake in a boat. He was picking her up by her back feet and dunking her up and down in the water repeatedly! Another boater (turned out to be an off-duty sheriff deputy- YAAA!) saw the suspicious activity and challenged the man. The man picked this kitten up by her back legs, swung her around his head several times and flung her far into the lake!!! The deputy gunned his boat, went after the kitten (the man escaped temperarily) The deputy scooped up the kitten, we were called in and hot footed it to the shelter where the kitten was being examined. I took her home that night, she was not expected to survive- that was over 7 years ago! Today, Dunkin is still afraid of the dark, she sleeps near a night light, she survived a horrendous bacterial infection that she picked up from the lake water- and you best have a death wish if you want to give her a bath! LOL She has no muscle tissue in her stomach, walks bow-legged and sleeps upside down. She has beaten the odds, we just let her have her way around here, figure she has been through enough trauma in her life. You can't pill her- the abuse has left her with no scruff on her neck. I have to tuck her between my legs and hold her down to pill her. But she is the most wonderful cat in the world, and we wouldn't trade a second that we have been with her. She spent over 2 weeks in the vet hospital in an oxygen tent- and hates vets because of it.
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OMG, Hissy, did the sherrif shoot the MF SOB? I would as soon kill another human being for hurting a cat, especially an innocent lil' kitten. I HATE A-holes like that. I hope he got arrested. The poor lil' thing. I hope shes doing ok and better as the weeks pass. PLEASE, keep us posted. Man, I'm actually visibly pissed off after reading this. What a prick! Poor baby kitten! Give yher a kiss from Chuck.
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That story made me cry. And VERY angry. I'm with Meowman. I'd rather eliminate a person for abusing an animal, especially a defenseless poor baby such as Dunkin (cute name). I can only imagine the trauma she is going through (still!). Give her hugs and kisses from me too.

The cat Sandie is talking about is Sunny. The most beautiful, precious red mackeral tabby I've ever had the pleasure to hold and cuddle. All he's looking for is attention. When I go to Rene's house he's the first one I spend time with. If I could take him, I would. But I'm maxed out at 8 in a two bedroom apartment (my landlord thinks I have 4 ) The basement he was in was a smelly, damp, cold basement with 48 other cats, all depressed, sick and malnourished (and that's in the house of another person who works with cats!). So that's why Rene didn't give him up. I have the utmost respect for her. Rene takes in only what she knows she can place, and doesn't take anymore in until they ARE placed.

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Oh Hissy, your story made me extemely angry also!!! What on god's green earth would posses a person to hurt an innocent animal like that????????? How awful!!!! I think somone like that ought to be almost drowned to his death, and then swung over someones head by his...b*lls.....excuse my language. That is horrid. I am so glad that she was rescued, and has found such a loving person as you to care for her...keep us posted.

Q: What is your cats favorite toy?
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I had to come back to say that I am now MORE pissed off! Find this persons name and I'll garuntee he'll never hurt anotther precious lil baby like that again! I am completely aggravated! How fortunate that sherriff was there. I get openly angry everytime I see a dead cat on the rd. from being hit by a car and it generally ruins my day as I curse about irrisponsible cat owners for the next 10 miles. I really hope that precious baby will be ok. I agree, the heartless :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: who did it should be strung up by his b**ls.

OK, on to the question:

A: Socrates doesn't have a fav. toy. But Tiger commendeered a small stuffed bunny rabbit from my friends purse and he proceeds to play catch with it. He'll bring it to me and sit and stare at me til' I throw it, where he goes after it and comes back for me to toss it again.

Q: Where is the most absurd places your cat(s) like to sleep?
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Wow hissy, your story affected some many of us probably all in the same way. I am replying with tears streaming down my face. This is probably why I shouldn't read at work.LOL. I am so happy that Dunkin found you. You are truly a wonderful person. I too hope that SOB is paying for it. I believe in Karma and I know that idiot will pay.

Here's a short story... A man in my highschool used to hunt cats on the weekend and when he found them he would shoot them or torture them. A week after he graduated from highschool he was fishing with his Dad. He dove into the river to swim. It was shallower than expected and today he is in a wheelchair paralized from the neck down.

My cat's favorite toy... a battery operated rat.

Where does your cat drink it's water from?
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