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A: That all the people in my life who I cherish know how important they are to me, and never have any doubt the impact they have had on my life.

Q: What's the best birthday gift you ever recieved?
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A. I got a dishwasher for this past birthday, and I tell you that I have taken charge of my life!
I don't think anyone should have to suffer life without one!

Q. What was the best opportunity you were ever offered? Did you take up the opportunity?
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A. I worked in a family business for 8 years with my father, brother, and uncle. My father wanted to retire and hand me the business. But I turned it down. Only because the first day that I would own it I would fire my brother and my uncle. I couldn't do it to them and couldn't survive without them. Now, 2 years later I wish we were still in business together. Life was a lot easier and fun.
The business was an Amusement Company that leased Juke boxes, pool tables, video arcade games, pinball, foosball, and darts to local bars/taverns, restaurants. Sound like fun? I miss it with regret.

Q. Forgot to post the Question. If you were given a company to run, what would it be and why?

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A: It would be an indipendent motion picture production company so that I could have the creative freedom to tell the stories I want to tell and make the movies I want to make. Time may be slipping past, but I still hold onto this dream to this day.


Open A Cats R Us for obvious reasons.

Q: (someone may have asked this, but I'm going to ask it anyway). If you could be one animal of ANY kind for a day (other than a cat), what would it be? And what would you do with your time on this day?
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A: If I could be any other animal, besides a cat, for one day....and what would I do with this day......I would be my hedgehog Penelope, and I would mate with Spike like crazy, cause mama (me) wants baby hedgies real bad!!!

Q: Would you ever fall in love with someone who was married?
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I have to answer this one even thought I have answered one before. It would be an Eagle for sure. I have this reaccuring dream where I am an Eagle and I just soar over the mountains and lakes and above the trees and I'm filled with this overwelming joy. The dream is so vivid I have no trouble remembering every detail when I wake up unlike most other dreams and this dream is one of the few that is in full color.

question: Be honest now what table did you sit at in your high school cafeteria?
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1) In answer to Debby's question: YES, I fall in love with a married guy every day -- fortunately he is my husband. I know that I am lucky to have a guy like John & not have to worry about dating & determining whether a fella is married or single.

2) In answer to timeliestkitty's question: I was a dork, and sat with a bunch of dorks. But, I had such fun in high school that I have become a high school teacher. I got my first job recently and will start in the fall.

3) My question to y'all: What is the silliest movie you ever loved?
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A: Night at the roxbury. it was based on the saturday night live skit where the 2 guys hung out at the clubs and bopped their heads back and forth to music, they were total creepsw. i love will ferrell and the movie always cracks me up. i watch it everytime it's on.

Q: what is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
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Dear Air Princess (love that name, want to let us in on the meaning/signifigance ? Anyway, nicest thing anyone ever did for me (other than give me my first cat)? That would have to be My Mom who gave me a sense of self-esteem every day. My whole family is, what you might call outside the realm of norm: My Mom was 6'1",My Dad 6'8". I have brothers that are 7',6'10",and 6'8". I am 6'4" and my two isters 5'10"(we don't know what happened here, but she is the oldest and mom and dad got better with practice) the youngest sister was 6'1". You can imagine the ribings we took as kids growing up in the 60's when TALL KIDS were not all basketball stars. My Mom told us every day how beautiful and special we were and that we must always stand up straight and be proud. So I woud have to credit her with the best thing anyone ever did for me. My question for anyone and everyone is If you could live during any time in the past when would you choose and briefly, why? Quickly my answers to some of the other questions : Animal? Penguin. I just love the way they look. Business? I would have my own touring musical/theatrical company. I'm a closet Broadway preformer at heart. Those are the only ones I can remember without going back. . . . . . Threeleggedkat
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I would love to live in the south pre-civil war but, I would free all the slaves on my plantation and give them all a little piece of the plantation as their own. Then I would hire them to work on the plantation and pay them a decent wage.
Why would I like to live there? I guess I fantasize about being Scarlet O'Hara

Where is the prettiest place you have ever visited?

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I would have to say the prettiest place I have ever been is Yosemite national park. I still remember looking at the waterfall out of my cabin window.

Q: what is your prefrence..real diamonds or something a little less pricey?
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A. Although I absolutely LOVE real diamonds, I know that I will not live forever and find it a little foolish spending that kind of money on them. I'd rather buy a cubic zirconia (a real good one) and go on a trip that will give me beautiful memories.

Q. If you could undo one injustice in the world, what would that be?
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A: Animal abuse/neglect

Q: Casual or dressy?
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A: Oh definatly casual!! I only dress up when I have to. In the summer it is shorts,t shirt and burkenstocks and winter it is jeans, sweatshirt and ugg boots!!!

Q: Do you buy name brand or store brand?
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A: Usually store brand, because I'm a college student..I take what money breaks I can. lol

But there are some things I just do not buy generic...StarKist tuna, Jif peanut butter, Ragu spaghetti sauce, to name a few.

Q: Comedy or drama?
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A. It depends on if it is on sale or not. I buy name brand cat food (Iams), name brand detergents (Era, Tide). Food wise, it doens't matter to me... it all tastes the same!! As for clothing, I don't buy name brand, unless there is something specific that I like. I used to by Calvin Klein jeans, but I don't anymore....

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?
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A: The Olive Garden

Q: Which movie (if any) have you seen over 5 times?
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Patriot Games, Ben Hur, Matrix and Cliffhanger
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Have to agree with Birkenstocks but, that's the only name brand in clothing for me.
My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, too.
Have never seen any movie I would go to see more than once.

How many hours a day do you spend on the computer? Work or personal?

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A. A lot, so much that I don't keep count! Not that I don't have a life or anything....it keeps me from going to the mall or to stores and spending the whole paycheck!! So, I guess it is a good thing!

Q. This is a controversial one.... what do you think of human cloning? Persoanlly, I think it is wrong!
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A. Let me first say, that I am a "scientist". Human cloning is an interesting an wonderful on a scientific basis. In some ways, I see it is benefit.. like being able to grow your own new kidney for a kidney transplant. I think that I have a pretty open mind and accept pretty much anything. But, on a society standpoint human cloning seems BAD BAD BAD! I don't feel that it OK to "play God" and make new lives in that way. It is hard to explain why, but it is just WRONG (to me)! Plus, what would happen to individuality and there not being any one else just like you?

Q. What is the worst part of your day?
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The worst part of the day is when the kids come home from school. Stress city migrane central, the fighting begins. mess after mess. cant stand it it is like a zoo here. and then nobody will answer my posts.
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A: the worst part of my day is when i get stuck in traffic on the drive home. other than that i can't think of anything about my day that is consistantly bad.

Q: where do you work? what do you do for a living?
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Trent; how many kids are we talkig about? I came from a large family. Six in all. I have never had kids, so you will think I have no business advising but I have raised my sister's two girls and at one time I taught kindergarten in a private Christian school. I know the messes can be agrivating. Are you a Virgo or one of the other earth signs that has to have everything perfect and in order? I thought so. . . . Let me tell you the Earth doesn't stop rotating when a glass of Kool-Aide spills! Stop, breathe, and thank God for healthy kids that can run thru the house. God never gives us more than we can handle,but sometimes I think He gets a kick out of watching us try! While you're stopping and breathing just say, "Thank you, Jesus for making this (Tommy's) last mess for today. Try it. Also, in my house when the girls were +3or4 yrs. old the rule was if you mess it, you clean it and nothing else you want to do or have goes forward until you attempt to clean up your mishap. One of the hardest things is to stand back and watch a 4yr. old use 1/2 a roll of paper towels to clean up 2oz. of chocolate milk, and, yes, we still have to clean it up right, but I think it makes them think the next time they get in the fridge. Try thinking of the time the kids come home from school as the best part of the day. 15 minutes before zero hour ask for help, tolerence, and an extra dose of love to help you get thru, and God will give it to you. Love ya, I will pray for you everyday at 3:30 (2:30 my time I think) and things will lighten up. . . . .. . . . . . . . .Threeleggedkat
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Hi trent!! Threeleggedcat gave really good advice!! Patience is your best answer. Always remember that they are just children and they are your children. Guide them and give them as much love as possible. Things will get a lot easier when they are older. Enjoy them now before they are all off to College!!

Q.) What is your favorite type of Food (Mine is Italian)
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Swalker; My favorite type of food is Hot (ha ha) unless cold is all that is available ! In other words, I love food. Raised on a farm, we learned to eat anything and everything. I still can't get used to my nieces who won't even try things. (However, I must be honest, HEADCHEESE never looked like anything I wanted to try. . . .what kind of name is that anyway; it certainy don't look like cheese and exactly what animals' head are those pieces of things suspended in there ? ? ? I guess if I had to choose I like good old American, family style, food like pot roast and chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes and HEY is it lunch time yet? I better go for now, my niece said one of the things I am doing wrong when I respond on the site is talking too much and going on too long, so I apologize and I leave you with this question What do you feel is the key to eleminating racism and semeticism (spelling) in our life-time? Threeleggedkat=================== ====================
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You are great!! I have personally never even seen Head Cheese, nor heard of it. I would be to scared to try it!! Although with age I have noticed my tatesbuds expanding to new horizons. I like a lot more food now than when I was a kid. Oh and ramble on as much as you would like. I figure if you have a lot to say than just get it all out. anyway It's fun reading.

In answer to your very tough question, "What do you feel is the key to eleminating racism and semeticism (spelling) in our life-time?"
I believe a beginning step to stop racism and such is to start with the young children. Teach them to love everyone, to not bully or make fun of. Give them self respect. If the adults of this generation can teach the new generation the difference between right and wrong, we could possible get a strong hold on all of the hate in the world.

Q.) What is your favorite season?.. assuming all of you have the four different seasons!! I don't really know though, do you?
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I live in New England where we have all the changing seasons, and I have to say that my very favorite is spring. It signals in new life, rebirth.....and puts that dirty snow and road slush behind us.

My question is:who was your very favorite cat and why
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I had to post one more time here, cause I thought of a good question.

I love all of the kitties that I have ever had the privledge of knowing. But Lily, is my one and only right now and I absolutely adore her!!

Q.) Does anyone watch the Reality show Survivor?
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I totally loved the first one, and am now addicted to the second one too.
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