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When should my cat have her kittens?

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My cat, Macy is currently about 64 days into her pregnancy, other than her belly looking like she's about to pop, she's not showing any signs of giving birth. She's a small cat anyway, but she's probably not gained 2lbs, could this mean she will have a small litter? She doesn't seem to be "nesting." She's acting like her normal self, could it be because she is so young? I don't want to leave the house for long because I'm not sure how close she is to having them, due to the lack of signs..I want to be here when she has them.

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Can anyone give me some information? I've searched online for the past week, & all the signs I've read about to look for, she's not showing/doing. ugh, help!! lol.

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I am not an expert by any means; but from what all I've read, sometimes they just don't give many signs.  Just like human babies; they come when they want to most of the time.  I know that's not the answer you are looking for; but it seems to be just how it is.  ohwell.gif  I know a friend of mine woke up in the middle of the night to find her cat had delivered her entire litter on her feet while she slept.  


If you look through some of the recent threads; especially the "longer" ones because those are likely to have recent birth stories, you might find some good information there.  That might help till one of our more experienced members gets to your post.  It's been a busy kitten season here at TCS!


Good luck! smile.gif

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The kittens are really active, I can feel them moving all the time. I'm not sure on when she will have them, so I'm kind of looking for opinions..I'm beginning to be impatient. I was telling my boyfriend yesterday, if i was to ever get pregnant, I'd probably go crazy, just these 2 months waiting on these kittens is making me insane! :( lol.


Oh, wow. I'm ready for her to have them, but on my feet, NOPE! hopefully she'll find a decent place to have them, if she decide not to use  the place I have set up for her.


I'll read up on a few of them.


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How long has it been since you first started to feel the kittens moving? In Ginny's case it was about 16 days after we first felt them move. Ginny had very few signs that she was in labour (she is approx 10minths old and was a skinny cat) the first indication was that she looked as though she was trying to have a poo, but not in her tray. I placed her in the birthing area and within half hour she had had the first baby.
All I can say is just be patient, it will happen.
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It's been a couple of weeks, I'd say. I'm not exactly sure. I'll keep an eye on her, the best I can. 


So, when I notice her in labor, do i move her to where I want her to give birth. I have a caged lined with cardboard, in our downstairs bathroom, she will get in there & lay a few minutes, while I'm doing laundry, but when I leave, she follows me...


Thanks for your advice!

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My cat nouni didnt show any signs of nesting, even when she was one way far from labor. She also didnt gave birth in the nesting box i made her, instead she chose to give birth on my bed lol. I was not expecting her to giblve birth at that time at all because she didnt show any signs of going into labor, i was surprised to see her and the four kittens she gave birth to after an hour of her leaving me. So maybe its the dame case with your cat. And she wss also very small and didnt have a big belly so i wss expecting only two kittens or three but she gave birth to four kittens, cats are so unpredictable. Anyways, Good luck to you and i hope every thing goes as well as it went with me smile.gif
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That could very well be possible, only time will tell, I suppose.


Also, I've noticed this morning, she doesn't seem to want her cat food, she keeps, crying & running to her food bowl, acting as if she's hungry, but there's food in it. Could this mean anything, or is she just being goofy?


Thank you!

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Has there been a place where Macy has been going a lot recently, some where dark or secluded? If so then put a birthing box there, but as Catlover said be prepared for anywhere. We prepared a box next to a shelf that Ginny kept going to and also put towels and newspaper on the shelf too and guess what she had them on the shelf.
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I think that doesnt mean anything at all, does she keep following you and meow alot (more than usual) ?
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No. Where ever I'm at, she's right next to me. lol.


I wonder if she knows whats going on, because she's so young. Does her instinct just kick in or something?

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She always follows me around, but that's not different than usual. & nope, no more than what she normally does.

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Wow she looks very very pregnant, how old is she?

Nouni is a year and two months old and is a great mother
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She's so fat she can barely move, lol. I've notice she kind of struggles to clean herself, because her belly gets in the way.


I found her, back in August, & I believe she was around 6-8 weeks old, just a baby, so, i don't believe she's quite a year old yet, but close to it.

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She looks huge, hope she does good in her labor
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She is compared to her little body. As do I. Appreciate it!

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I just looked at her, & she has a small bit of blood coming from her private!

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Wow she is big, thought Ginny was huge, but Macy is massive. Ginny used to follow me around a lot, but in the few days before giving birth it was even more so. I didn't see any blood with Ginny but it could be that she cleaned it up before I noticed. She had problems cleaning herself before labour but soon found a way of doing it, it made me laugh a coue of time as she was cleaning her butt and rolled over backwards lol.does Macy like having her tummy rubbed? Ginny did.
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I figured Macy would find a way to clean herself, but she hasn't yet, she just gives up after a few attempts...yea, she enjoys her tummy rubbed, more so inthe last week..

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Nouni loved it when i used to rub her tummy it was weird because it used to annoy her before, and after hours she gave birth. So, i guess its a sign of a cat close to labor
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I'd say it could be. Macy is now walking around with her butt in the air, like the way cats do when they're in heat. Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

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I would say, going on what happened with Ginny I would say you haven't got much longer to go. Can I offer a word of advice, try not to touch the kittens too much once they are born or even spend too much time just looking at them. We've learned from that mistake. I moved them the once to remove the dirty towel and weigh them on the night they were born and then 24 hours later to weigh them again, and between the 5 of us in the house we would lie next to the birthing area and watch them several times during the 1st 30 hours, Ginny then moved them after 36 hours, it was so stressful when I realised she'd done that. So now only 1 of us goes behind the sofa, once a day now to look underneath the sofa and check that they are doing alright.
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hopefully she will decide to have them, in a acceptable place for us all, that way she or I won't feel the need to move them, lol.

 I know not to bother her too much while she's with them... i will just check in every now & then.

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