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Ok.. whats your dream career. What career line would you be in if you had your choice of any? I am starting school soon (I hope) and can't decide what on earth I want my career to be.

I absolutely LOVE children and was looking at being a teacher. I also love and adore babies.. so I was looking at being an o.b. too. I love animals.. but there is no way on earth I could be a vet... I get too emotional and cry way to easily.. the first time I saw a really injured animal.. or the first time I lost one.. I'd cry for months and it would forever be a weight on my shoulders. So.. vet is outta the question.

My mother always said I should be a lawyer because she thinks I can aruge with a fence post. Hmmm law.. well I definitely find law interesting and such. But I think I dunno if I can handle THAT much school.

Boy am I indecisive or what?

So.. whats your dream job?

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well, Cass, and Catarina would agree with me on this one, I'd love to do stand-up comedy. I just love making people laugh. To me it's the best feeling in the world to be able to make somebody have a good laugh.
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Deb I have to agree with everyone here. You would make an excellent comedian (sp). I'm constantly wiping tears from my face from laughing so hard at a lot of your threads. I think you'd do well. Have you ever considered giving it a try in your spare time? Or doing it just once so that you can at least say you did? I think you'd do wonderfully!

Look out Chris Rock, Eddy Murphy, Ellen, and Dennis Miller! Deb is gonna blow you guys away!

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Deb I do love you too for making me laugh. Why don't you give it a go indeed?
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I would love to do something with animals, but like Cass I am too emotional and would get upset everytime something bad happened to an animal. Maybe running a no-kill shelter would work but I would probably end up adopting all of the animals that did not get homes I do like what I am doing now but it is definately just a job.
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well......everyone has a job they wish they could do - a lawyer, doctor or something else which brings in loads of dosh.....my dream job on the other hand is something that is not really that well paid....I would love to train horses for endurance racing and teach people to ride. I already have the qualifications to be a horse riding instructor and I have already trained 2 horse for endurance - just not paid yet.
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Well..... I do get the opportunity to be "on stage" every day at school. Sometimes I get the kids in my class going.

I never thought too seriously about going before a "real live audience", although for awhile, my ex-boyfirend and I used to talk about it and comment about things that happened as "another one for the stand-up routine".

You never know.....
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