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black kitten with blue eyes?

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Let me just say it's been quite a while since I've been here, my laptop busted and then I had two sick relatives in the hospital within days of one another.


anyway, my cat Tobys kittens are a whopping 7 weeks old! little stinkers they are too! getting into everything, but completely (for the most part) littertrained, an accident here and there, but hey, they're babies agree.gif



there is something going on, however that is very interesting with one of the kittens, the little black boy, Binx (kudos if anyone knows where that comes from), at 7 weeks, his eyes are still blue..not baby blue, but blue blue, not gray like all his brothers and sisters. Thier mother, Toby is part siamese and so has blue eyes, so is it possible that little Binx could actually have blue eyes? I have heard that black cats with blue eyes is possible but very rare, infact a friend had a blue-eyed black cat once, whom they thought was blind, he wasn't but he was very interesting looking.Binx is the black one, along with sister Mavis in the middle and Brother Tak to the right, see how much bluer Binx eyes are?


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Time will tell! I kept an almost all white kitten hoping his eyes would stay blue and they did! I would say since his littermates have already changed, the odds are very good he's going to keep them, how exciting! They are all beautiful by the way, how precious.

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Oh aren't they adorable!

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Can you take a close up photo of his eyes and post? I think I see that they are changing...the inner circle is starting to turn green.

I had a black foster kitten recently who's eyes were violet blue for a long time but eventually turned.

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