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A little one

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I just wrapped him in his blanket that had kept him warm for these many days, this little one, a twelve week old, but no bigger than a five.

He was found at the scene of a fire, along with his littler mates, the weakest one, the smallest one. The fire fighters, the emt's, all rescued them, some even adopted some of them, this little one was adopted too...

He was so weak as so small, and, for a while he was doing well, until the past few days, when life seemed to drain from him.I did what I could, the vets did what they could, but no matter what we tried, the bridge just called........

Called his name, and fight as he might, the call was to strong for this little one, the weakest one.

He fought hard, but it wasn't fair, fate it seemed had other plans for him, this I know as my hands shake while writing , a tear sliding down my cheek.

So now he plays, in the fields of the bridge, lit by the rainbow and knows that he was loved, touched by people who wanted him, to care for him, to be with him, this little one.

I cared for him, I loved him

This little one, the weakest one..... George
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Poor little baby.
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Dear Ken,

As you wrapped this little one in a blanket and surrounded him with your love you also guided his way to the Bridge. And now, there is one more cat that your heart calls out for and one day, you will see all these wonderful friends again, whether you spent one hour, one day or many years in their presence .

I am sorry my friend, that he lost the battle, but I am so glad that you and Sandi were his warriors fighting with him.

Hugs to you both, and peace to the little one as he plays over the Bridge-He is now lighting angels' hearts on fire.
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I feel so sad for this poor kitten. However, he was lucky to have had the two of you to take care of him and love him during his last days here. My heart goes out to you both.
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It's always hard to loose young babys especially if they have had a rough past.

I'm so sorry for the loss of George, But Ken I know you and Sandie tried hard.

Lots of hugs at this hard time.

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I'm so sorry about your tiny little kitty. Do feel better for knowing how much love and goodness you added to his small, short life. Hugs and best wishes are being wished your way
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Poor little

He's at the Rainbow Bridge healthy and free of any suffering. He knew you took care of him in the short time he had. He's waiting for you there.

Bless what you did. Hugs and good thoughts your way.

Take care.
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Dear little George,

Are you at the bridge, happily frolicking and running in fields of marigolds? Fear not, my little one, your past is over and you have been loved so much by your human that your little heart is filled with love. George, do let your humans know that you are happy and you will be waiting for them to join you. Let them only remember the beautiful memories of you, my little one. Rest in peace, my dear baby George.
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Oh Ken....I am so very sorry to hear about George. I pray that maybe Merlin has found him and is taking very good care of him....showing him the ropes over there. *hugs*
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