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please read

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hey guys remeber when was igoing to get two kittens in three months well please don't but i decide to wait next septmeber to get two kittens here are the reaseon i am waitng til next septmeber are

number 1 i have my little brother dog who dislike cats with a passion
she even kill cat they in little back four years agos before my left
for army and now since brother back he be out of the army next septmeber.
number 2 i want to sure there not that d*mn fip disease lurk around

number 3 trying get over losing the kittens and autumn ,oreo

number 4 when really know brother taking his dog
number 5 by next septmeber that know my brother dog with will start
looking for kittens
number6 at first i wanted pruebreed kitten but they cost to much
number 7 i will just go to a shelter to look for two kittens
number 8 might just vist petsand people look for kittens
number 9 be looking in classfield for kittens......

number 10 when do get my kitten they indoor cats sorry i don't them
be outside at all ther to many cat disease they can get hit by car or
attack by dog, gat catnapped
plus when get my new kittens i will a mix husky puppy to grow up with
the kittens
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It sounds like you've thought this through well.
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i agree..that's a whole lot of thinking there...
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